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Some of you could have experienced having a telephone or face to face psychic reading, but how do you know if the person you are dealing with is a real psychic? – Or maybe they are just doing some cold reading styles?

Cold Reading refers to strategies used by mentalists and by fraudulent psychics and mediums to give the impression that they can psychically discern personal information about a client. You can see unbelievable demonstrations of cold reading from the Mentalist Derren Brown. An intelligent cold reader can make you believe that they are really accurate – unless you are very much aware of what you are really into!

I had this experiment between me and my apprentice wherein we tested batches of psychic readers who want to join my team. To test their abilities, we listened to hundreds of psychic readings from professional psychics and made some comparison.

During the tests, we were looking for someone who is genuinely psychic and should be able to provide very specific information. Let’s say, if I go back over what readers who made it through to my team have said during their tests, Daniel repeated something I’d said to my wife in private last night.

The other psychic told a tester something about her deepest secret that she was totally embarrassed and it took a long time before I get her to tell me what it really was – and I definitely can’t publish it here!
Everyone could have repeatedly heard general statements that can be correlated to anyone. Comments such as ‘you’ve been through some ups and downs in your life’ (who hasn’t?) or, ‘You have cared much about people first and you must put yourself first’ because majority of you would agree that’s true about them – even if it is really not the real thing!

My apprentice or whom I called testers don’t divulge any information about themselves, you should watch out for readers who try to fish for information from you (you’re gestures or what you are saying). Some might say something like, ‘I’m getting an image of the clouds. Does that mean something to you?’, In the first place, they should be able to tell you what it means and why they are seeing it!
There are also some readers who will try to make up something they’ve read wrong to come out right. For example, if they say that you’re single when you’re happily married, they might try and recover by saying something along the lines of, ‘I think what I’m picking up on is that even though you ARE married, you’re very independent.

Stretch your ears for a psychic reader trying to make a piece of information stretch in several different ways. Sometimes these psychic readers say things like, ‘I’m getting the name Mary, or it could Mark or Matt. It could be connected to you, or someone you know, or someone you’re about to meet.’ These kind of styles doesn’t score in our tests.

Before having a paid psychic reading, best to choose a psychic reader based on the recommendations of your friend or someone you really know and I bet you, it will give you a good start. It is almost impossible to do that nowadays, there are thousands of websites and psychic readers advertising on the internet who are offering psychic readings over the telephone. Doing a research and reading their reviews may give you a lot of information unfortunately you cannot trust all that your eyes can see.

Most of the telephone psychic websites will tell you that they have tested their readers and again you are going to have to use your best judgment in choosing the REAL psychics.

Not all things can be watched out for. I can say there’s only a few of them. Because there are a lot of people looking for psychic readings nowadays it’s very fascinating and very easy for anyone to make themselves as a “psychic reader” – unless you really know what you are up to!
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