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Do Not Be A Puppet: Use Your Free Will

   You have a free will so it means that you can do whatever you want when you want. So, why not use it? Theoretically that’s true, but in actuality, from the cradle to the old folks’ home, others do have domain over your schedule and your life to a certain degree. …

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Are You Having A Hard Time Choosing The Best?

    Do you feel so confuse with a lot of choices in the table? Do you envision so many possibilities and that makes it impossible to decide? If you’ve answered yes it could mean that your ability to manifest is stronger than you think. But you don’t have to be …

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Beware Of Frenemies

        Are you sure that all your friends are real and loyal to you? Ooops! think again… We all have one person in our life who rubs us the wrong way on the regular basis, yet we still grab a morning coffee with them (weekdays only) or chat with them over cocktails at happy …

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Where Should Be Your Next Destination?

         When the world seems to be crashing apart, your energy is so low and you feel like your about to give up the struggle of everyday life.. we take a vacation. Vacation is an easy way to escape the difficulty that is pushing us down, You …

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Can You Love Yourself After A Stormy Heartbreak?

  When you’ve deeply invested in your partner and that love dissolves all of a sudden… It can jolt you out of reality into a cloudy, confused state where you feel low, lost and alone. And, if you’ve ever suffered from self-esteem issues before, a breakup can make you particularly vulnerable …

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Helping Others Can Heal Your Broken Heart

No matter how great you are… It’s going to happen to all of us such as getting dumped, being cheated on or probably being betrayed by a best friend.  If you are taking the risk of being in a relationship, it’s going to suck sometimes. My friend, Marcie, broke up with …

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