Are You Experiencing Paranormal Activity or Left-Over Energies?

Paranormal Activity

People often wonder about clearing negative energy from their homes, businesses and other places. There are different methods of clearing out energy and some people use Western techniques while others use different forms.

One of the easiest ways to clear energy is to do an energy clearing in the home. When people have negative energy in their home and they have people living with them such as children, they realize that they need to get rid of that energy to have a happy life.

Guilt can be a negative energy and if the home has been a place where a loved one has died; this can be energy that needs to be cleared.

Mediums can come into your home and help to clear out negative energy and spirit energy in a home. Some methods can be done themselves and people can fast and meditate in order to get the energy out that is negative.

If there are disturbances of energy in your home, you might need to get rid of the negativity and find a way to make things more positive.

Doing a Cleansing

When doing a cleansing, you need to make sure that you go from room to room and all areas of the home. Go into the garden, the garage and into the playrooms. Doing this might not make sense but getting rid of all negative energy is the point of this practice.

You need to make sure that you go into the bathrooms, all of the bedrooms and any room where energy was imprinted. This can get rid of negative vibes of someone that has been in a troubled area or home.

Where there is dark or toxic energy, you need to spend more time and be passionate about getting rid of the energy.

Using sage can help to clear energy and there are other methods such as calling on the spirit guides to help get rid of energy and to protect the feeling in the home.

You can talk to your spirit guides and ask them to help you and to know which rooms to go in. Using incense will help you to get rid of energy that is negative but if you have extreme dark energy, make sure that you use things that are stronger.

Get rid of any fear in your home and ask light to come into your home. Get rid of the negative energy and keep going over the same areas until you feel that the energy has shifted and that it is no longer negative.

Once you finish doing this, thank your guides for helping you to clear off your energy.


Energy clearing can help you to feel better in your home and business. If there is negative energy or hate in your home, you need to do a cleansing.

You need to work to get rid of unwanted energy that is bringing you down or bringing your home down. This can also get rid of paranormal activity that is stressing you out or causing you fear or anxiety.