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Meditation 101

       Are you always saying “I can’t meditate?” Are you the one that says “I can’t get my mind to turn off?” A lot of you may be interested in improving your own intuition. There are many ways to improve intuition, but one of these methods is often neglected …

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How Can We Introduce Sprituality To Someone?

           A lot of people enter a world of spirituality from the very moment that they’re born into this world. This may be because their families are already religious, have strong beliefs or may already have strong ties to the spiritual world. If someone you love …

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5 Things You Should Not Apologize For

A life lived with regret is yours to miss. Never apologize for following a dream because that dream makes you who you are. You will never fulfill happiness unless you live your dreams instead of dreaming your life. Often, we apologize because we worry too much about what other people think, …

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How Do You Value Your Privacy in Social Media?

Compromising Your Privacy in Social Media Many people use one form of social media or another in order to keep in touch with family or friends; or to either be informed or to inform others about a variety of topics within the realm of entertainment, news, or any other topic of …

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Know Your Personality thru Your Halloween Costume

Most people struggle throughout their lives to reach the ideal self they always dreamed of. Some of them succeed in their mission while others don’t. A person could dream of becoming strong but fail to do so and as a result develop a powerful desire to acquire more strength. Another person …

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Your Guardian Angel and You

Through the almighty Divine Will itself, to each human being is associated from the moment of birth, a so called Guardian Angel. As the name shows it, the Guardian Angel is a sublime, bright angelic entity, of whose main responsibility, connected to the human being that s/he is protecting, through …

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