Letting Your Spirit Guides Help You

Spirit Guides

Each person has at least one spirit guide and many people wonder about their spirit guides. Your spirit guide is someone that has crossed over to the other side and they are there to help you to reach your higher self. You can see these spirit guides are part of your life but one thing to remember is that your spirit guides cannot help stop bad things from happening to you.

Even if you have a spirit guide, their role on the earth is there to help you but they are not able to control things. Even in your life, you have free will and your spirit guides can only warn you and give you signs.

Warnings of Danger

A spirit guide is able to give you information and to warn you of danger. Even though they have control over things that other people don’t, there are some things that they can and cannot do. One thing that a spirit guide can do is to warn you of danger. This means that when something is coming at you that could hurt you, your guides can help you to know the signs.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Spirit guides will work the same way that your intuition works. They will do what they can to get you to listen and to warn you of things that are going on. When you are tuned into your own intuition, chances are that you are able to listen to your guides more than others who aren’t.

You will meet new guides sometimes and when you do, they will try their best to warn you that something isn’t right. If you choose to ignore it, the bad things can happen to you and the warning will just be ignored.

Can Your spirit Guide Hurt You?

No spirit guide would ever try to harm you. A guide is there to protect you and to guide you and they would never do anything negative to you. Sometimes when your guides are ready to reach you, they will send something like your spirit animal to you to give you a sign.

You might even have dreams of your spirit guide and the guidance that they want to show you. They will help you to see when important things are going on in your life.

Spirit Guide Journal

When you want to remember the messages that your spirit guides are giving you, you can try keeping a journal. This journal can be used so that you can remember the good, the bad and even the signs that your guides show you. This can help you to see if there are any repetitive patterns or ideas.

Your spirit guides are there to help you and to guide you and they will help you to know when you need to be careful of danger. They are also there to just give you encouragement and to make you feel that your life is full of love and hope.

Embrace your spirit guides and let them know that you are interested in what they have to show you and to tell you.