Will Your Ex Come Back?

Will Your Ex Come Back

Relationships aren’t always cut and dry and they can be confusing. But, after a breakup, sometimes an ex will come back. Maybe even after the breakup, they still wanted you back.

Sometimes you might wonder if an ex will get feelings for you after the breakup. This can happen and you might notice that your ex is missing you even if it is quickly or it could even be a few years later. If you are meant to be with your ex, the universe might give you signs that they are coming back to you.

Why do you think your ex might come back to you? If you haven’t been able to get past this feeling, there is a chance that your intuition it is guiding you or it could be because you are just wishing that they wanted to be with you.

If you are sure that your intentions in the relationship were right and that the breakup was meant to be, it could be that you just miss them. But if you felt that after the breakup that you made a mistake and you might get back with your ex, chances are that you might have made a mistake in the breakup.

Having your ex come back to you should be something that you really think over. You need to make sure that you guard your heart and that if things were unresolved when they left, you have to take time to figure this out before considering going back to them.

Signs They Might Come Back

Here are some signs that your ex might come back to your life again. This can start with a gut feeling and then be followed by some signs. One of the biggest signs is that you are going a different direction than you were before.

If your ex wants you back and they won’t admit these feelings, it could be hard for you to understand this. This can be a way that your ex has coped with the relationship coming to an end. It is important to figure things out in your relationship and here is how:

Be Normal

When your ex is missing you, they will never admit that the relationship is over. They will do things to try and get you back such as text you or call you. They might still call you by a loving nick name or they might act hurt if you are being distant from them.

Stalking Your social media

One big sign that your ex might want you back is that they are always commenting or posting on your social media. They might regret that you broke up with them and they might want to know what is going on in your life just in case you will take them back.

Family Ties

Your ex that is still wanting to be with you will ask you about your family. They will try to find out if your parents are still okay and if your kids are good. They might even ask about your siblings or cousins that they knew.

Your ex still cares about you and your family, and this is one big sign that they want to get back with you.

Worthy of Love

Before you decide that you would want your ex back, you need to know that they changed for the better. They will contact you sometimes, even after years, and show you that they have bettered their life. This could be a better home. A better job or a change in their appearance.

Not Dating

If your ex is still interested in you, they might not date anyone else. They might not want to waste their time dating someone that isn’t you. They might wonder if your feelings will come back for them and so they stay single for you in case they get lucky.

Relationship Memories

When your ex spends a lot of time looking at memories of your relationship with them, they want to bring back these times with you. They aren’t over you and they will do things to try and get you back.

Maybe they will text you early in the morning and see if you are thinking of them the same and will send you pictures of the past to open up the conversation. This can be a sign that they like you and they want to see how you are feeling.

Rebound Lovers

One way to see if you are still interested in them is to tell you about their rebound relationships. They might try to see if this makes you jealous. This can be a sign that they want to get you back and they want to know if you feel the same.

Drunk Calls

Drunk calls happen when your ex misses you and they have had too much to drink and so they call you. This can be a time when they share all of their feelings for you that they have. This can also be a drunk text and can be a sign that they still care about you.

Long Texting

Maybe you feel that your ex wants you back because they are sending you long text messages about how great of a person that you are and how hard you work. When your ex is making an effort to tell you things and to keep in touch, they might come back into your life.

Telling Your Friends

A sign that your ex is wanting you back is that they are talking to your friends about you. They might tell them about how much they miss you or talk about things that you used to do together.

Wants to Know More About Your Life

A curious ex that asks a lot of questions about your life might be wanting to know about what is going on with you, so they show curiosity in your life. They will ask you questions, and they will show interest in if you are dating, what kind of job you are doing and what else is going on.

Complementing You

Giving a complement here and there can happen for anyone but if your ex is showering you with complements here and there, chances are that your ex might want to get b ack with you. They may have realized that you are the right person for them, and they want you back.

They Are Jealous

If your ex has found out that you are dating someone else and they are showing signs of being jealous, this can mean that they want you back. You might not realize that they are being jealous at first but then your gut will tell you the truth.

Want to Have Sex

One thing that happens when an ex wants someone back is that they try to have sex with them. They might want to hook up with you and see if you are interested in that. This happens because they are comfortable with you, and they know you.

They think that they can have sex with you, and this can have no strings attached but the truth is that they probably just want to be with you.

Keeping Your Pictures

When an ex wants to be back with you, they will check out your pictures on social media and will look at the pictures that they have of you. If your ex is always looking at your pictures on social media and is commenting and loving your stuff, they probably want to be back with you.

They Want to Meet Up

Hanging out with you is a thing of the past with your ex but if they keep asking to meet up with you now, it can be a sign that they want to be with you. If they keep asking to go out for a beer or to meet up for coffee, this can mean that they want to be back with you.

Asking About You

Your ex won’t be asking people about you if they aren’t interested in your life. They will try to keep up with what you are doing, and they will try to figure out what is going on in your life. This is a big sign that they want to be with you again.

Regretting Hurting You

If your ex broke cup with you and they tell you that they regret hurting you and they regret the breakup, chances are they might want to be back with you. They might want to talk about why you guys broke up and what you can do to fix things.

Final Thoughts

When you see any of the signs above, you need to take time to think about the idea of being back with your ex. Think about why the relationship ended in the first place and if it would be worth going back to the situation.

You need to make sure that you aren’t going to get back into a situation that your heart will end up broken again and that your ex is serious about the relationship this time.