Cleansing Your Spirit and Karma

Find Forgiveness

Just like taking a shower, it is important to cleanse your spirit and your karma. There are different things that you can do to cleanse your body such as drinking a lot of water, drinking tea, taking a shower and other methods to remove toxins from your body. When you eat foods that are high in preservatives, you might want to eat healthier things in order to cleanse your body and to prepare it to live stronger.

Just like doing this, you need to take time to cleanse your spirit and your karma from toxic energy. This is energy that has come into your soul, and it happens to everyone. People will get in different situations that cause them to deal with negativity, but this negativity can connect to you and make you feel unhappy and stuck. The decisions that you make can cause you to have positive or negative energies.

Karmic cleansing will help to get rid of these things. As you nourish your body, nourishing your soul will help to cleanse you and help you to get rid of a negative karmic cycle.

How to Cleanse Your Karma

Karma isn’t just something that happens, but this is something that happens because of something that you do. This is an action that you take that comes back to you. This means if you have been kind to someone then kindness will come back to you and the same things happen with negativity.

The sum of your karma happens in each of your lifecycles, and you can have a lot of karma that adds up and gets stuck. Cleansing your karma helps to reset your life. Here is how you can cleanse your karma:

  • Find Forgiveness

The first thing that you need to do is to work to have forgiveness. Make up the things that you have done by being sorry for what you have done to others.

  • Give Forgiveness

Giving forgiveness is just as important as finding forgiveness. When someone has hurt you or done you wrong, you have to forgive them and let things go.

  • Be Thankful

Be thankful for the good things that you have and the bad things that happen. Even if you have little or you don’t have what you want, always find a way to be thankful.

  • Find Beautiful Things

There is beauty all around you. Find things that make you happy and make you feel positive. This is found all around you.

  • Do Kind Things

Do kind things to everyone you meet. Do little things to make people smile. Clean up garbage that you see on the ground, hold the door open for someone or park a little further back so someone that has pain can park closer. Each time you do this, it helps to bring positive karma to your life.

  • Know Your Intentions

Set your intentions and make sure that, they are positive. Be kind to others that you meet and make sure that you are setting intentions to be kind and to be loving. Don’t seek things for your own good but always try to reach your higher self and your greater good.

Cleansing your karma doesn’t mean that you are going to have no negative karma. This is all about what you do and the actions you take. As you do good in this life though, you can cleanse your karma and it will help you to live a better life.