Understanding Astrology


Astrology helps you to understand yourself and people around you more. Astrology uses the stars and the planets to help you to understand things from the day that you were born until where you are not.

You can look at your different charts to find out where the planets were when you were born, and the locations can show you things about your life. If there was tension between different planets at that time, it can mean that your life might be full of challenges. The thing with challenges though is that they will make you stronger.

There are two kinds of planet interactions that astrologist show that will cause challenges and this is the squares and the oppositions. An opposition is when there is one body that is on the other side from the zodiac planet. The moon and the sun will oppose each other each month and this is what makes a full moon. The opposition can also happen when there are planets moving in the sky and then another body is recorded on the birth chart. After six months of your birth, the sun will be halfway around the zodiac signs and there can never be two suns that are opposing each other. If the sun was opposing when you were born, this can happen with any two combinations of the planets.

The square is a time when two planets are tense with each other. The two planets can be 90 degrees apart and the circle that circumnavigates the world around you. The square can be half way to the place of the opposition. When there are two hard angels, the square is one thing that agreed to show you a bigger challenge.

When the square is in an opposition and it happen in regards to your birth chart, it might not be as negative as you think. There can be challenges that are common such as chaos, anxiety, and destruction but you can sometimes control what is going on in these circumstances.

Just because there is a situation in your life, it doesn’t mean that you have to give in to it or to surrender and it can mean that you can avoid certain things or alter things to get rid of the negative energy.

All the bodies in the heavens have different challenges and when there is an opposition or a square in a planet, it can show your astrological chart.

Hard angels that happen from the moon mean that you have a deadline that you need to make, and you need to be creative. This can also mean that you are doing your best at your job and that you need to be aware of what is going on around you.

Solar oppositions can be challenging for your ego. The squares that happen by the sun show that you have two paths that are held at equal places.  It can be a burden to make big decisions at this time.

  • Mercury

Mercury is a planet that can make it hard for you to communicate and this is one reason that there are sometimes oppositions or squares. When you have an agreement during an angel that has to do with Mercury, look for challenges in the future.

  • Venus

Venus is one that can mean that you have relationship problems that are being seen. You need to see how the hard angles can bring goodness in your love life. Venus angles that are hard can mean that you don’t have to commit to people and that you can be monogamous.

  • Mars

When Mars is at a hard angle you will see that there might be short tempers and it might be a time that you say things that you don’t mean. It can also mean that you will sometimes be at war.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter can mean that you are in opposition or a square and these can last for weeks. When one thing happens that is bad, it can be many other things that pile up on this and it can leave you having to clean up a lot of messes.

  • Saturn

Saturn can have a square or opposition in the zodiac. When it moves into its position, it can last for months. This is a planet that is visible and works with the solar system that evolves each person. When Saturn is in this position, it can mean that the changes are final. This isn’t always a sad things, but it is something that is monumental and permeant.

  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

These three planets can be far out from the square or opposition. This can be a time of weakness that people adapt to. This is a time where you can change your attitude and you can see who you are as an individual.

Uranus will have tension, and this can mean shifts. This is a forced change that will be needed. Neptune can rule society and it can be a time of addiction. Neptune will be one that forms squares and oppositions. Pluto is a planet that can mean total change and the end of an era.