Guide to Your Aura Colors

Guide to Your Aura Colors

Your aura is important to your life and to the energy that you have. You need to notice what your aura looks like and what it helps with.

What Your Aura Looks Like

Here is a breakdown of what your aura looks like:

Left Side of the Body

This is the side of your aura that shows the energy that comes into your auric field. This is the way that your feminine energy comes in to this side of your body. This is the energy that you are asking to come to you.

As the energy comes into your aura, it is there so that you can figure out what you think of yourself and how you see yourself. This is the emotions that you have and part of your imagination.

From the Forehead and Up

This is the area of your aura that represents your conscious mind. This is energy that controls how you are feeling, your thoughts and your emotions. If the colors are close together then they are more intense, or you are thinking about them more. These colors might be colors that are in your aura now.

The colors that look like an arch in the top part of your forehead can mean that you hold something high. It can mean that you are working towards certain goals in your life.

Your aura will go out and it can show things like:

  • If you are an extrovert.
  • Your social activities.
  • What kind of connections do you want to make with others.
  • How you express yourself.

Auras that are closer together can mean:

  • You need to focus more.
  • You are sensitive.
  • There is a desire to be alone.
  • Meditating can bring you peace.
  • You need rest or peace.
  • There are boundaries that you need to set.

Right Side of the Body

This is the side of you that shows a masculine energy. This can show energy from the past that is just coming to your aura, and it is being released by the colors. This is external energy, and it can show you how others look at you and the memories and changes that you have in your life.

Here are some more things about the aura:

  • The throat is the place where you communicate and where you can be outspoken or quiet.
  • The heart is the part of your energy that comes from the heart, and this comes from feelings and emotions that you are having.

Colors of the Aura

Here are what aura colors mean and represent:


This color can mean that you are connected with your body, and you are fearless. It shows that you know what you need and that you are able to manifest things into your life. This color can mean that you are passionate and that you will experience things that you want to do. Most of the time if you have this color, you aren’t afraid of things such as death, sex, birth, or other things. These people are powerful and fiery, and they love to have pleasure. If the color is dull or dark, it can mean that you are unforgiving and that you have some kind of trauma.


This color aura can mean that you are a gentle person and that you give love to people that come into contact with you. These are people that are sensitive and romantic, and they will do what it takes to have good relationships. They are healers and are very creative with strong intuition. The color pink is similar to how the color green reacts and this is a comfortable feeling and is part of the feminine energy. If you have a pink aura, you can heal people just by smiling at them or being there for them.


Magenta people are those that have both blue and pink in their aura. They are people that are understanding and are able to use strong intuition. They are creative and have strong energy and they don’t copy what other people do. They experience things and are a bit over the edge but, they are positive. They think on their own and are not boring and they are normally happy, positive and have a great sense of humor. These people are normally free spirits.


Those that have an orange aura are people that are creative and are able to understand their emotions. They are people that will put a lot of care into friendships and will be full of joy and peace.

They are people that work hard, save money and they are able to work as a team while also being able to be sociable with people that they don’t work with. They are strong and they are able to meet people and never seem to meet a stranger. Those with this aura have a hard time being still and they want to experience life to the fullest.


The yellow aura colors are part of the Solar Plexus chakra. They are smart, have strong self-esteem and they have strong vibrations. They have a strong sense of self, and they are able to be great leaders and to motivate others to do great things.

These are people that encourage others and that are able to figure out problems. Those with this color aura are normally happy, giving, radiant and attract people into their life.

If the yellow is darker, it can mean that the person is a perfectionist and that they worry more about their ego than other things.


The tan aura can be someone that is able to be logical and to figure things out. They will look at everything that they do and will be careful about the steps that they take. These are people that often keep their feelings to themselves, and they want to make sure things are good before they ever make a choice or take action.

These are people that pay attention to details, and they will make sure to complete their tasks. They love people that are fun to be around, and they want to be committed to people for a long time. These are people that understand different dimensions and they have a linear way of thinking about all things.


The green aura is one that works with the heart chakra. This is a person that is able to heal others and is one that can have unconditional love for people that they meet. They are strong and they are people that are self-healers. These people will be balanced and peaceful and they will be able to rest easily.

They will create things and they will serve others and they have a bridge between the spiritual and physical world. They are creative and kind. If they have a murky green, it can mean that they are jealous of others and that they criticize people often.


A blue aura can mean that the person is able to communicate well. They are able to express what they are thinking, and they usually speak the truth. They are smart and they have a lot of inner knowledge. They will do what it takes to figure things out by talking about it.

They love to have information and to have knowledge and they will dream about being better and reaching all of their dreams and goals.


This color aura is related to the third eye chakra. This is where intuition comes from. This person will be sensitive to what others are feeling and they are in tune with what is going on in their life.

The people that have this color aura are often sensitive and have strong empathy. They are more in tune with their feelings than with logical, but they are able to see things in a bigger picture. They can discern truth and they are able to communicate with others.


A purple aura has to do with the crown chakra. This is someone that is able to look at their mission and to find wholeness in their life. They are able to have inner strength and they love to see where their future goes.

This color means that the person has energy, intuition and can see situations for what they are but can help solve them. They are natural empaths, and they can raise peoples vibrations when they need it. This is a high vibration color, and it releases an energy field that lets them manifest things into their lives.


The white aura can be related to the soul chakra. This is a pure aura and can mean that the person isn’t limited to the physical realm. This is a rare color and not very many people have this aura color.

This is a person that has no problems, that has no health issues and someone that doesn’t face issues with their personal self or others. They are people that are spiritual in tune with who they are and the world around them. The don’t care about things that are worldly and they are kind, loving, uplifting and they don’t judge others.

Strange Aura Situations

Here are some aura anomalies that some people have:


A person that has rays of light in their aura can mean that they are connected to the spiritual world. They are people that can channel into the spirits, and they have a strong crown chakra. They can get messages and they can give them and reach a different dimension.


Orb energy can come into your aura, and it can mean that you are connected to the universe. It can mean that you have auras that appear in pictures, and they go near the body but mostly the upper auric field. These circles are there to help you be part of the universe.

Darker Colors or a See-Through Aura

When this happens, this probably means that you are tired or burnt out. It can mean that you need to have rest and that you are lacking in energies.