What Spirit Animal Do You Have?

Spirit Animal

People have spirit guides, and many people have animal spirit guides. These guides are there to give you support and to help you through life.

Each spirit animal helps to represent different things in life and each of them will bring messages that can help you to live better. Spirit animals can be birds, reptiles, mammals, fish and more. Some people have multiple spirit animals and some of them are their main spirit animals while others are secondary or just show up for small periods of time. Some will come when you are grieving or when you need help through a crisis.

Animal guides can give you a spiritual name if they choose to and it can represent something that might be inside of you. Here are some of the most known spirit animals:


An eagle might show up when you are grieving over losing someone you love. If you are grieving and you aren’t feeling like you can heal, eagles are there to help. They can also be there if you are trying to make a life decision such as if you need to decide if you are moving or not.

You can ask your guides to give you a sign and if they send an animal to you, it might be your spirit animal. You might see the eagle flying high, this can be something unusual, depending on where you live.

If you see this animal over and over then it can be part of your soul group and your spirit animal. This might happen at a time where you need an answer the most.


Hawks are another popular spirit animal. You might see one that is red tailed or one that you haven’t seen very often. You may see one sitting on your fence or in a tree in your yard. This animal will come in front of you, getting your attention, and can give you a warning sign that you are in some kind of danger.

Your spirit animal can even help you when you are driving and tell you when a cop is doing a speed check. If it appears somewhere out of nowhere, you need to pay attention to the sign that it is giving you. Even if you are driving and you are going the wrong way, your spirit animal might be trying to show you to turn around or show you that you missed a turn.


Owls are unusual animals to see, too. They have wingspans that can go up to 6 feet. Owls bring you strength and peace and they can help you to understand to look at things from different perspectives.

Your owl spirit animal is there to teach you to pay attention to who is around you and to keep your heart open. Make sure that you look at the different sides around you before you make any kind of decision.

Everyone has a spirit guide, and you might have a spirit animal as your guide. You may not have found out who your spirit animal is yet but pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you.