Thursday , June 1 2023

Nancy Lopez

Prime Psychic Blog Moderator

Going Through a Hard Awakening

Hard Awakening

Your spiritual awakening is a time where you will find yourself. This is something that has been misunderstood by society. The thing about your awakening is that it isn’t about finding out what you can do or what you are, it is finding out who you are on the inside. …

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What Spirit Animal Do You Have?

Spirit Animal

People have spirit guides, and many people have animal spirit guides. These guides are there to give you support and to help you through life. Each spirit animal helps to represent different things in life and each of them will bring messages that can help you to live better. Spirit …

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Knowing Your Life Path Number

Life Path Number

Your life path number is part of astrology and numerology. By knowing your life path number, you can know your personality and the traits that you have. Some believe that with this number, you can tell the future. There are many people that don’t believe in numerology, and they don’t …

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Why Is He Always on Your Mind?

Always on Your Mind

Do you have someone in your life that no matter what you do, you cannot stop thinking about them? This can be some guy that you have met recently or someone that you have known a long time. There is a thing called a hero instinct and when a woman …

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Balance the Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

There are seven main chakras in the body and they go from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The first five chakras can bring balance to your life and as you look at the chakras you will see that they are each represented with a …

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Signs He’s Probably Playing You

Probably Playing You

Have you ever been on a date and then you felt like you were being played? Chances are this happens because you might not know what to look for. You can know if a guy is playing you by looking at red flags that he might be showing you. Once …

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Grounding Ideas for Empaths

Go Barefoot

Being an empath means that you are likely a highly sensitive person. As an empath, you need to make sure that you are grounded and balanced. If you want to keep growing, you have to make sure that you are strong in who you are. Many empaths feel that they …

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Letting Your Spirit Guides Help You

Spirit Guides

Each person has at least one spirit guide and many people wonder about their spirit guides. Your spirit guide is someone that has crossed over to the other side and they are there to help you to reach your higher self. You can see these spirit guides are part of …

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Connecting with Your Twin Flame

Connecting with Your Twin Flame

Everyone knows what a soulmate is, and they are people that get a lot of attention from everyone. They are seen in movies, books and more. They are someone that is meant to be destined for your life. This can be a best friend or even a partner. Maybe you …

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What it Feels Like When the Crown Chakra Opens

Crown Chakra Opens

Chakras are important in many different religions, especially in the Hindu religion. The chakras are part of your body and the energy center that works to keep you strong and intuitive. The crown chakra is one of the chakras that can help you to connect with your spiritual self. As …

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