Why Is He Always on Your Mind?

Always on Your Mind

Do you have someone in your life that no matter what you do, you cannot stop thinking about them? This can be some guy that you have met recently or someone that you have known a long time.

There is a thing called a hero instinct and when a woman learns to trigger this in a man, it will cause him to have more affection towards her. This will often times cause the guy to give chase and to be after her. This is a psychological trigger that causes there to be deep feelings and gives the man a real purpose.

Do you have someone in your life that you wish had deeper feelings for you?  You need to make the hero instinct work for you.

Why He is Always on Your Mind

There are different reasons that a guy will be on your mind. This often happens after you have went through some kind of breakup. There are some people that you have just met though that you cannot get off of your mind. Here are some of the top reasons:

  • You Are in Love

The biggest reason you cannot stop thinking about someone is because you are in love with him. Your brain wants you to think about him because it makes you feel good and releases feel good chemicals.  This could be someone that you have just met or someone that you have been talking to for a while.

Your brain will constantly want you to think about this person because you want them, and you want to be with them. You might also love someone that you can’t have because they aren’t single. This is a hard thing to deal with because you can still have strong feelings for them even though you cannot be with them. No matter if you can do anything about who you think about, you need to try and get them out of your mind if they are someone you cannot be with.

You might love someone that is an ex, and you are no longer with them. This is something normal and it can take a while to get over someone that you are no longer with because of the hurt.

  • Using As a Distraction

Your mind sometimes will use things going on in your life as a distraction. Your mind might be using your love as a distraction especially if you are dealing with hard things in your family or even in your career. You might try not to think about this person constantly but find you can’t stop. Maybe you have questions about what kind of interaction you will have next or even how you will look or act when you get with them again. You may spend a lot of time living in a fantasy world with them in it. This happens when you need a distraction.

  • You Wonder How Things May Have Been Different

If you have recently broken up with a guy, you might wonder how things could have been different. Some people get stuck with ideas in their head about how they could have done something different or even remembering the breakup. Maybe you cannot stop thinking about them because you have a lot of feelings that you are harboring inside of you still. This can be confusing and if you are looking at the memories that you have had together, leaving the relationship can be more painful.

  • Feeling Sad or Lonely

When someone is sad or lonely you might not be able to stop thinking about this person. You might have just met them and you are interested or you might have been talking to this person for a long time.

If you are always thinking about them then you might be more obsessed with this person than you realize and it could be because you wish that you had a person to be with in your life. Chances are that you don’t even like this person but you just don’t want to be alone.

Thinking about your ex can cause you to feel more lonely because you have a broken heart. You might have a hard time adjusting to being single and this can sway your thoughts.

  • Met Someone New

Meeting someone new that is interesting in you can cause you to have them on your mind. You might be trying to understand them or figure out more about them. It can get to the point where you cannot stop thinking about them day in and day out.

  • How to Stop Thinking About a Man

Once you know why you are thinking about a certain person, you need to figure out how to stop doing this. You more than likely know that you are thinking about them too much and you have to figure out how to move forward and change your thought system:

  • Stop Trying to Stop Thinking About Him

This sounds like a funny thing to think about but when you are trying hard to stop thinking about someone then it can make you think of them more. Every time they come to your mind, don’t try to stop thinking about them instead just think about something else. Don’t get upset that you can’t get them off of your mind, just start thinking about positive things.

  • Don’t Give Him Your Time

Another thing that you can do is to stop giving him your time. If you have just broken up with this person, then you might need to block them out of your life. Start by blocking them on all of your social media and then make sure that you block his phone number. Don’t speak to him or hang out with him or go places you know he visits often.

If you have recently begin to date someone and you can’t get them off of your mind, you need to limit your time that you see them. Take a step back and pull out of the relationship for a little bit each week.

  • Do More in Life

Take time to live your best life. Find a hobby and find things that you love to do. Join a club that you wanted to join before or start a project on your home. Whatever you like to do, do it. If you just begin dating him, make sure that you aren’t giving up your own freedom to be with him.

If you have just went through a break up, you need to make sure that you keep yourself busy so that you aren’t sad or lonely.

  • Give Yourself Love and Care

Give yourself the same kind of love and care that you gave your man when you were together. Don’t stop loving yourself and focus on giving yourself more self-care than ever. Having self-love can help you to realize what you need and help you to take care of the things that you are lacking.

  • Stop Trying to Be Perfect

No one is perfect and we are always going to get distracted by things in our life. Take time to look at the things that you aren’t pleased with and strive to fix them but don’t expect to be perfect or fast. You will need to take time to fix things that are going on inside of you.

  • Forgive

Forgive those that have hurt you. If your man broke up with you and you are harboring negative feelings, forgive him and move forward. Forgiving can be hard but you will be better off if you learn to forgive him and to stop holding on to the pain. However you choose to forgive him is up to you but you need to do this in a way that is healthy. You can meet up with him and tell him that you forgive him, write him a letter or just forgive him and try and forget.

You also need to take time to forgive yourself or anyone else that was in the situation. You need to accept that everyone makes mistakes and forgive yourself as much as you forgive others.

  • Date Again

It is time to date again and to live a happy life. Don’t spend all of your time thinking about what could have been but think about what is now. Think about how you can live your best life while meeting new people. Before you move on, make sure that you are in the right place in your mind and your heart.

Get back into the dating scene so that you can see that you are attractive and so you can find someone you are interested in. Don’t feel held back because of your past but put yourself out there in life. If you are worried about dating again, just go slow and go out where other people are.

Final Thoughts

If you cannot stop thinking about someone, you need to figure out where these thoughts are coming from. Sometimes they will come from something positive but sometimes it will be something negative that is triggering the thoughts. Try and focus on positive things and keep your head up. You can have a happy life and enjoy the people that are around you in the present.