Breaking Free of Soul Vows

Breaking Free of Soul Vows

Have you ever made a vow with yourself on how you wouldn’t do certain things? Most people don’t realize that these vows will go form one lifetime to another. Past life vows are things that can be very strong and powerful.

If you have had something happen in your life that causes you to be afraid or causes you pain, the experience might cause you to make a vow that you will never do that thing again. This could be a type of relationship that you were in, or it could be that you were killed for the beliefs that you had in your past life, or it could be that something happened with money, and you decided not to ever let it happen again.

When people experience something that causes them to have strong emotions, many will make vows that they won’t do that thing again and this can continue throughout their next lives.

Vows and Emotions

A past life vow can cause you to miss out on things that you have wanted to happen. If you said in your past life that you would never commit to someone in a relationship again, chances are that now you cannot get married.

Past life vows are often associated with strong emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, hate, hurt, pain and more. You have to figure out if you have past life vows so that you can get rid of them and live your best life.

The best way to do this is to reach your Akashic Records and find out if you have created any of these vows. You can go into these records and get rid of any contracts that are holding you back from your present or future.

Do Past Life Vows Differ from Soul Agreements?

Past life vows are not the same as soul agreements. Soul agreements are happened when you need to learn a particular lesson in your life. A soul contract for example, might happen with your soulmate so that you can learn to be patient in the next life. You will experience these things over and over again until you get it right.

These contracts are for the good and they help you to change and to live a better life. A past life vow though is a negative reaction that you have when something is hurtful or scary.

Getting Rid of Past Life Contracts

If you have a past life contract and you want to know how to change it, you can do that. Akashic Records are there to help you get rid of these kinds of contracts. You can learn how to access these records on your own or you can see a psychic.

There are different things that you can do before you clear out your past life contracts. It is important to figure out first why you made these contracts and find out if you need to replace them with something new.

Final Thoughts

As you look at your Akashic Records, you can clear out past life vows, and you can change your past and future with these changes.