Stop Doubting Yourself

Stop Doubting Yourself

Doubting yourself is a powerful thing and it can cause you to have hard situations in your life, including in your relationships. If you are insecure and you are always putting yourself down or setting goals that are impossible to reach, self-doubt can easily take a toll on your life. Not only can it hurt you, but it can also damage your relationships.

How do you get past self-doubt and learn to be happy and to believe in yourself? Here are some things you can do!

  • Stop Speaking About Being Insecure

If you are working on bettering your life, you need to be careful about the words that you are saying. Someone that is insecure will often talk about how many things they’ve messed up in or how they can’t do things right. Change this narrative and become more positive and you will see good changes.

  • Stop Doubting

Figure out why you are constantly doubting yourself and change these thoughts. Are they coming from experiences that you’ve had or are they coming from your own internal dialogue? As you understand where your doubts and fears come from you will see that they aren’t real opinions, and they are false. Don’t give them a hold on your life.

  • Who is Criticizing You?

You are the one that is criticizing yourself and it is time to take charge of that. Figure out why you are putting yourself down in your achievements, your looks and whatever else you choose to be negative about. Give your inner-critic a name and when you hear it coming out, tell it to stop.

  • Don’t Overthink

You have to stop overthinking everything that happens or you will drain all of your positive energies. This is a bad habit and as you overthink you create unnecessary stress and anxiety. Adding this to your relationship can mean that you are treading on dangerous ground.

  • Understand Your Issues

There has to be a reason that you are constantly critical of yourself and constantly putting yourself down. What issues do you have that you are constantly struggling with? The feelings that you have came from somewhere and you need to figure out where they came from so that you can have a clear path forward and so that you can feel more secure in who you are.

  • Get Help

Don’t be afraid to get help. If you find that you have deep seeded emotions or feelings that have caused you to be so critical of yourself, talking to a professional might help. Find out where your insecurities have come from and get to the root cause.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

When you constantly compare yourself with others you will always find someone that has something or does something that you don’t. Don’t let social media make you feel that you aren’t good enough and let go of this bad habit. Comparing yourself will bring constant disappointment. Know who you are and what you’ve done and embrace these great things.

  • Build Your Confidence

Build your confidence and learn to love yourself more. Write down each day something that you did great and at the end of the week go back and read all of the great things that you’ve accomplished. This can encourage you and keep you moving forward.

  • Communicate

Communicating with your partner about what you are feeling can help to build a bridge where there has been a gap. Your partner might not understand where you’re coming from but if you learn to talk about things with them then you can work towards an understanding.

  • Talk Positively

Be aware of how you’re talking to and about yourself. Change your mindset to be more positive. If you find yourself putting you down, stop doing it. Would you say the same things to a friend that you say to yourself? Stop thinking bad things about yourself and learn to speak positively and to build yourself up.

  • Find Other Positive People

Find people around that are positive and that will build you up. There are so many good people in the world that can help you to be more positive, find them. Spend time with them and see how they handle the stressors of life in a positive way.

  • Know You’re Human

We all fail, and we all mess up and we all make mistakes. That happens because we are human, and we don’t get everything right. Having self-doubt is something that can cause you to feel insecure and it can hurt your relationships but don’t judge yourself so harshly over this because you are just human. Learn to live better and to be more positive and not to give yourself such a hard time all the time.

Final Thoughts

Self-doubt can leave you feeling dark and doubting but you can get past this. If you try to do the things above to build up your confidence, you can do it. You will see that you will be more secure in your life and in y our relationships. You have to make a choice to be more positive and you will see that others will notice this about you as well.

Don’t let self-doubt ruin your relationships and instead learn to be more positive and to embrace yourself for who you are, a great person inside and out!