How to Read Coffee Grounds

Read Coffee Grounds

Tasseography is a way that people have been telling fortunes for years. They have used things from wine sediments to tea leaves and even coffee grounds. Reading Turkish coffee grounds is a tradition that has been done for centuries. Not only can it be fun, but you also get to drink coffee too!


  • Turkish blend coffee.
  • Cup.
  • Saucer.

Rules of Reading

  • Make sure the coffee is blended and there are no chunks.
  • Add extra coffee powder to have more ground to read.
  • Don’t read your own grounds because you might not read them honestly.
  • Start with the cups handle and move left to right if the person is right-handed or left handed will make a difference.

Preparing the Cup

  • Always drink from the same side and don’t rush.
  • Leave a small amount of coffee in the bottom of the cup.
  • Take a last drink and make a wish.
  • Put the saucer over the cup and cover it.
  • Hold the cup in your hand in front of you.
  • Circle it clockwise three times.
  • Turn the cup upside down quickly and let the grounds go into the saucer.

Reading the Grounds

  • Leave the cup for 5-10 minutes.
  • If this is about money, put a coin on the back surface of the cup.
  • If this is about relationships, put a ring on the back of the cup.
  • Return the object you put on the cup and take the cup from the saucer.
  • If the grounds are in chunks, then it means that your troubles will leave you.
  • If they fall in a pile, it means you will get money.
  • If the cut and saucer are tight then it is a Prophet’s Cup and means you don’t need to do the reading because it will all come true.
  • Turn the cup and hold it straight up. Look at the shapes in the saucer and figure out what it means.

Division of the Cup

  • Divide the cup into five.
  • The handle means love.
  • Front rim means finances.
  • Bottom of the cup means family and home.
  • The upper rim means your life right now.
  • A lower rim means your future.

Symbols of the Reading

  • You need to use your intuition to make a reading.
  • If you recognize an image, listen to what your gut feeling tells you.
  • There are different symbols in tasseography, and you need to research these before you begin.

Final Thoughts

People love to find out about the future and if you use coffee grounds as a tool of divination, always take your time and feel good about what kind of reading that you give.