What Your Aura Says About You

What Your Aura Says About You

The next time you pass a mirror, pay closer attention.  What do you notice?  Can you see beyond your physical form and see any color radiating from you?  Auras are brilliant energetic light that reflects your inner essence.  It emanates from you, working to protect and empower you as you go through life.  Our human energy fields, or auras, manifests the Divine energy which drives our existence.  Mystics in a variety have discussed human energy fields.  It has been called prana by ancient East Indians, and chi by the Chinese.

Auras are comprised of electromagnetic energies of varying densities that comprise and radiate from the physical body.  Particles of energies hover above the physical form in an oval shaped field roughly 2-5 feet above the body on all sides.  The aura reflects your inner state.  Any disturbance to your energetic field will impact your physical body.  This is why energy healing can be so effective for a myriad of ailments.  By restricting, rebalancing, and recharging your energy you can create a boost of positivity and healing in your life.

There are seven layers or bodies in an aura.  Unlike layers in an onion, each aura body impacts the next and extends far beyond our skin and hair.  As you progress on the “scale” of higher vibrations the layer will extend out further than the one below.  Each layer possesses a unique frequency.  Yet, all are interrelated and reflect your innermost feelings, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  When united, the levels safeguard our body, provide life force, and facilitate communication and harmony between all the various that make you, you!

The Seven Layers/Bodies of the Aura

  1. Etheric Body: The level nearest to your body, it is a few inches away from your skin.  Governing pleasure and pain, the more you nurture your body, the most intense its blue hued lines will be.
  2. Emotional Body: A cloudlike level that reflects how you feel about your yourself.  Bright colors signify positive emotions or thoughts, while dark colors are negative.  When you allow feelings to be expressed colors will fluctuate.  Hindering a flow will produce dirty and dull colors, and indicate potential blockages or health problems.
  3. Mental Body: In this level strong lines signal an active, balanced mind.  Weak and hazy lines show a dislike of learning.  If your 3rd level is strong, but first two levels are weak it may indicate you focus your attention on your mind.
  4. Astral Level: Governs your bond with the universe and all it entails.  When strong it means your relationships are fulfilling.  A weak level may show avoidance to intimacy.
  5. Etheric Template: May appear like a blueprint of the first level.  This level handles order and symbolism.  When you have a strong tie to divine will you will feel profound connectedness to the world and universe.  Weakness will lead to you questioning your place in life, work, community, and purpose.
  6. Celestial Level: An array of streams of rainbow-colored light will emanate 2-3 feet from the body.  A healthy body will produce bright and straight rays of rainbow light.  This signifies divine love.  We receive spiritual joy and bliss through meditations, prayer, chanting.  A weak body shows a lack of spiritual practice.  Charge this level daily with 15-20 minutes of mediation or prayer.  Be careful to not let the strength misalign with other layers or else you won’t feel a part of your physical body or life.
  7. Ketheric Body: Vibrating at such a high frequency, gold line or a gold sphere radiate from your body.  This utmost layer protects your whole self and enables us to communicate telepathically and have flashes of knowing permeate our consciousness.  A large final level conveys a deep thinker who is yoked with Divine thought.  A miniscule level reflects a person who is shackled by their perceived imperfections and struggles to bring their creative insight to light.

Understanding the levels of human energy allows you to better relate to each facet.  You begin to feel your way through the rather instead of seeing them via clairvoyance.  Rely on your gut feelings and wisdom.  Think of any clairvoyant images as icing on a cake.  You can teach yourself how to do this by trusting your instincts and harnessing the sensory power of your entire mind, body and spirit.