Raising Your Vibrations

Raising Your Vibrations

Everyone has the power inside to raise their vibrations. The universal law tells you that everything is made of energy, and we know that energy is everywhere. Energy moves at different speeds and even inf your own life, the energy is constantly moving.

Maybe you have never thought about having a vibrational frequency on your own, but the truth is, your vibes are what attract others. Your energy is like a magnet, and it can bring goodness or repel it. There are things that might seem like coincidences, but chances are that your vibes are strong and that good things are coming to you.

Having strong vibes and being positive can help your mind and your heart to feel happy. When you feel good, your vibes will be stronger. The universe is there to give you the power to change your vibes and to get your positivity flowing.

Be careful with how you think, what you eat and drink and what kind of drugs that you take. Make sure that you are living your good life and learn how to raise your vibrations now:


One of the best ways to raise your vibes is through meditation. Science has proven that meditation ill strengthen your human brain and can help you to be more positive, calm and creative.

No matter what kind of religion you are, you can meditate and be calm. Do this a few minutes a day and find that you are able to change your mindset. This can help you to feel better and will raise your frequency over time.


Get off of your phone and your computer and go out in nature. Being in EMF’s all day can decrease your vibes and can cause you to feel drained.

Limit the time that you are on your electronics and never take them with you when you need to sleep. Take time to detox from your tech and feel better!

Take a Bath

People that want to feel healthier will often take a bath. They will then have more creative thoughts while sitting in the tub. If you want to make it even better, add Epsom salt or sea salts to help detox your body.

People can also use organic soap and other things that can help their body to be stronger and healthier.

Spend Time with Positivity

Find people in your life that are positive and that are uplifting. They can help to increase your vibes and to make you feel better.

Be true to who you are and true to others and if you have a friend that uplifts, you and makes you laugh, hang out with them.


Get physical exercise and move. If you are busy, just do a few minutes each day. Doing yoga and other exercise can help your mind and body.

No matter how much you do or how hard you do it, just moving around can help you to feel better. Go outside in nature and walk around in the grass. This can help you to reach your higher self-faster.

Get Organized

Take time to organize your home and your office. Having clutter can cause stress and can cause you to be less happy. Do things that are small at home such as making your bed and vacuuming. This will help to boost your energy.


Go out and serve other people. Go to a vet and help with the animals or go to a homeless shelter and feed people. By doing this, you will feel fulfilled and at peace.

When you feel upset or overwhelmed, go out and volunteer your time. By sharing your time with others, you will raise your vibes.


Try to eat things that are good for you. Get rid of processed foods and sugar and learn to eat healthier. Eat fruits and vegetables and find chickens and other meats that are free-range.

Besides just being healthier, you will see that you can raise your vibrations and your energy. Even if you don’t want to give up on things like meat, find meat that is healthier for your body.

Stop Watching the News

The new can be depressing and if you watch and read it often, you might find yourself getting down. The purpose of the news is to get a profit and so they aren’t always showing you things that are best for you.

Try to refrain from watching or reading the news for a few days and see if that makes you feel better in your life.

Be Thankful

One of the best things that you can do to raise your vibes is to be thankful. Be thankful for the people around you and learn to show gratitude for what people do for you. Never be beyond showing thanks for what people do that make your life better and easier.