Are You Having A Hard Time Choosing The Best?


    Do you feel so confuse with a lot of choices in the table? Do you envision so many possibilities and that makes it impossible to decide? If you’ve answered yes it could mean that your ability to manifest is stronger than you think. But you don’t have to be worried by these infinite choices. I’m here to tell you that you’re in control!

Schedule Some Downtime

Take a moment to schedule some downtime, dedicated to managing your potential. Make an actual appointment with yourself where you say, for example, “Between 8 and 9 a.m. I will sit and narrow down all my amazing choices.” When your appointment begins, go to your place of quiet meditation and contemplation. One hour on this may seem long and difficult, but it is certainly less time than carrying uncertainty 24 hours a day.

With this practice, you should have pen and paper. Some like to have pen and paper that is only reserved for spiritual use—perhaps cleansed or blessed in their own way. Be sure to have a gentle smile on your face and use this mindful practice to narrow down your possibilities:

1. Breathe Deeply for Several Minutes 
Focus your mind on a simple word like “Calm,” or “Peace,” or “Love.” Then repeat the word slowly, aloud or inside. If your mind wanders away, just bring it back to the word you’ve chosen.

2. Write Out Your Different Choices
Perhaps you have more than one lover who wishes to be with you, and maybe you want to choose one. Or perhaps you’re considering different locations to live and work. Maybe the right choice for you is about life purpose most of all. Be sure to also leave space on the paper for ideas.

3. Eliminate the Definite Noes
Until you see it on paper, you might not know that something is a waste of your time to consider. Therefore, you need to clear the debris so you don’t have to waste any more of your mental energy.

4. Weigh the Pros and Cons 
Take what’s left on your list and weigh the pros and cons. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t work. How will each choice impact your current life? This activity may help you decide right away. If not, it will certainly help you eliminate more choices.

5. Move Your Awareness to Your Heart
Place your hand on your heart to keep focused there. Then look at what is left on your list. Also ask yourself, “Is this what I’ve asked for?”

6. Feel What Moves Your Heart
If you take some deep breaths, you may be able to feel what moves the heart. Therefore, you could be feeling what you want in a new way.

7. Let Your Answers Come Through Your Heart
What excites you and what makes you feel passionate? What inspires you? Do you get an electric jolt when you think of certain possibilities and what feels good to you? There is nothing more important than feeling good right now.

8. Breathe, Acknowledge, and Accept
At this point you may know what you want, but do you also know how to follow through with your desire? There are always things to think about, including other people’s feelings, and certainly all of the what ifs, fears, and anxieties. This is where guidance comes in. A trusted friend, a reading with a life path psychic like me, or input from other sources will add needed strength. You are never alone!

There Will Always Be Infinite Choices

There will always be infinite choices in every moment of your life. However, you need to learn to see them. If you have chosen a particular direction, what follows also becomes fate. But, you are still free to change course at any time. You are driving the bus!

The Heart Wants to Direct the Mind

The practice I’ve outlined here is merely a template. You can take or leave any of these eight ideas as you decide. The main point is to come to acknowledge your heart and listen to those feelings. Your heart actually wants to direct your mind! Do this meditation anytime, and certainly make it your own. Soon, trusting the heart will become second nature.