Awakening Your Psychic Abilities with Your Chakras

Psychic Abilities with Your Chakras

A chakra is something that means a circle, and this is where the energy comes from our bodies.  The chakras are like spinning energy like a wheel or a circle and when the chakras are balanced it causes us to be happy and to feel well in our bodies.

If you imagine your chakra you will imagine there to be colors from the top of your head all the way to your feet.  Our chakras help to guard our bodies and allow our energies to keep bad energy out.  If we have breaks in our aura, it can cause us to feel bad.  This can come from things that we do such as drinking too much or smoking, or it can come from us not getting enough sleep or doing things to our bodies that are not healthy.

Having a strong aura can help to keep your chakra healthy and strong.  Keeping your aura strong can keep your chakras balanced and can help to increase your intuition.

Solar Plexus Chakra

You have a feeling in your body that is a gut feeling and this is part of your Solar Plexus chakra.  This sits above your belly button and is associated with the color yellow.  This chakra deals with issues inside of us such as being confident and having courage.

When the Solar Plexus is unbalanced, it can cause people to have self-esteem problems and to be afraid of being alone.  People that put a lot of weight on this part of their body can feel safe.

This chakra is part of your gut feeling and allows you to sense things.  The Solar Plexus gives you the ability to be stronger and to follow your gut instincts.  Allow yourself to use this chakra to understand a situation and to know if something bad is happening.

One great way to exercise your Solar Plexus is to hula hoop or to dance.  You can use peppermint oil or cinnamon to refresh it or use Citrine or the Sun Stone as a crystal.

Heart Chakra

One of the best chakras is the Heart Chakra that sits in the middle of the chest.  This chakra is associated with the color green and can deal with issues from bosses and friends.  This chakra is important because it connects the root, sacral and the solar plexus chakra with the spiritual chakras.

If this chakra is blocked, it can cause you to be jealous or angry.  When you want to work on forgiving yourself and loving yourself, increase the heart chakra.

You can chant and use Rose oil or walk and swim to strengthen this chakra.  You can also use Malachite and Emerald as crystals to strengthen you here.

Throat Chakra

If you have the gift of clairaudience, it comes from the Throat Chakra.  This can be the place where songs pop into your mind or where you communicate from.  The throat chakra is associated with the color blue.

The Throat Chakra helps people to speak and to tell the truth.  If you are good at acting or singing, then this means you are probably balanced in your throat chakra.

When you are unbalanced, you will have a fear of speaking your mind and you will get a lot of sore throats.

If you need to balance your chakra, sing and whistle and affirm yourself by being truthful.  You can also use Eucalyptus oil or Blue Lace Agate crystals to strengthen yourself.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra gives you the ability to see things and is associated with the color indigo.  This is found in the center of your forehead and is where you have intuition and ESP.

Clairvoyant and psychic people use their Third Eye to get information and this can come from dreams.  If you have an unbalanced third eye chakra then you are losing control and you are seeing things from the real world and you will find yourself being skeptical and closed off to the truth.

In order to balance your Third Eye Chakra, you need to meditate and chant with “om,” and you can use Lavender oil and Sodalite crystals.

Crown Chakra

The chakra that sits on top of your head is the Crown Chakra and this is how you connect to the universe.  You have faith and the ability to do things without fear.  You trust the universe when your Crown Chakra is in order and balanced and have natural intuitive abilities.

If you have a chakra that is unbalanced and closed then chances are that you will not be able to talk to your spiritual guides and you can fix this by chanting “om,” using Frankincense oil or using Sugilite crystals to balance you.


Using mantras and chants and different scents and crystals to balance your chakra, you can focus yourself to a loving world and to see your higher power at work.  When you see the connection between your chakras and your body, you will see your natural abilities grow.

Meditate on a daily basis to keep you grounded and having a healthy life.  Affirm yourself with positive things and your intuition will shine through you.