If you have what is called second sight, chances are you are a psychic and you have a gift. This gift is a strong gifting and it is often seen in the movies as visions and other powers.

Clairvoyance is one of the clair gifts and it is sometimes misunderstood because it is so powerful. If you want to develop this gift, keep reading.


Clairvoyance means that you are able to see things clearly and not with your eyes but in the spirit world. This sometimes happens through visions and symbols and can come to you in different ways.

When you have inner seeing, this is your mind working of see things and you probably will not see a spirit sitting in front of you, but chances are you will see the spirit in other forms such as:

  • Lights flashing before you.
  • Something going by out of the corner of your eye.
  • Flashes of lights.
  • Colors surrounding someone.
  • Dreams that seem very real or very detailed.

These things could happen to you if you have the clairvoyant gifting and maybe you have not even realized that you are gifted.

When you pay attention to what is going on inside of yourself, you can see that like so many other people, you have a psychic gift.

This psychic gift is really great if you want to be able to see things that other people cannot see. Sometimes you will see messages through your eyes, but it will be in the form of symbols and other things.

Receiving Messages

Just like the movies, psychics can receive messages through visions and other means. These are normally not very scary and being a psychic is not scary like the movies sometimes show. Here are some ways you can get messages if you are clairvoyant:

Third Eye

If you have messages that are not visually seen, this is using your third eye. This is where your mind comes up with visions and you are able to know what these visions mean.

Your third eye is located in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. This is where you get your guidance and your spiritual visions.


Some people see different images such as:

  • Pictures in their minds.
  • Symbols that have a deep meaning.
  • Pictures that are moving like a movie.

No different way that you get your messages is better than any other way, it is just different and different is good.


Symbols are a big part of psychic abilities. This ability includes your clairvoyance.

Some psychic messages are going to be in the form of symbols, and you have to ask the universe what these symbols mean.

Instead of showing someone being born, you might have an image of a baby crib or a stroller. If you are not sure what your signs and symbols mean, ask the universe or your spirit guides to help you to know what the message is.

The messages will come when they are meant to come to you.

Where Do They Come From?

The messages that you get are sometimes heard or seen as visions. When you see these images, symbols or even flashes go before you, it can scare you.

The good thing is that this should not scare you at all because it is just your spirit guide trying to connect with you. Always trust your guides and angels to help you. They are there to give you information and to try to protect you.

If you are getting a message, find out what it means and how you can make good decisions with it.

If you want to develop your gift, you need to be open about your messages. Pay attention to where your messages are coming from and talk to another psychic if you need to.

Clairvoyance and Giftings

Everyone has some type of psychic gifting and intuition. We are all able to get information and have a gut feeling.

Here are some common things that people that have the gift of clairvoyance have happen to them:

  • Get information in the form of visions.
  • You can see things written down on charts.
  • You dream while you are sleeping, and they are very detailed.
  • Sometimes you daydream.
  • You imagine things in your mind.
  • You observe things.

Developing Clairvoyance

If you have a psychic gift you can develop it. Maybe you have been called a dreamer or a day dreamer and maybe you know that you have this gift.

If you want to learn to increase this gift, here are some ways:


Take time to practice visualizing things. Imagine that you are mountain climbing or that you are walking on the beach. Make sure you are using as much detail as you can.

Third Eye

Take time to meditate and open up your third eye. Imagine it being opened and use crystals to help you achieve this.


Always have good intentions when you want to develop your gifting. Ask your spiritual guides and angels to help you and they will be there to see it through with you.