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Developing Extrasensory Abilities

Developing Extrasensory Abilities

I’m a psychic medium, so I can easily discern if a client is psychic. Card spreads, planetary placements in birth charts, and even casual conversations can reveal someone else’s extrasensory perceptions to me.

I’m always excited to meet them. And though I’m eager to tell them about my observations, I always do so with caution. Being psychic is not easy, and lots of people have incorrect impressions about what these gifts actually involve. Dealing with psychic skills requires practice, patience, and a whole lot of self-love.

When many people hear the word “psychic,” they imagine “smoke and mirrors:” neon-lit storefronts accented by crystal balls, machine-generated fog, and animatronic contraptions that mimic supernatural occurrences.

Since early childhood, our parents warned us that psychics are scams. We learn to consider psychic gifts to be fraudulent or dubious. The metaphysical occurrences we experienced as children are often dismissed. Later, as we explore the metaphysical realm in adulthood, we’re still apt to cock an eyebrow at the concepts.

The first step for many of us when tapping into our psychic abilities is separating reality from these learned reactions. There definitely are charlatans who exaggerate or fabricate their skills. But these individuals aren’t genuine psychics. They’re just con artists who use manipulative fear tactics to prey on vulnerable and gullible people. With most imposters like this, posing as a psychic is just one among many exploitative schemes.

Developing Extrasensory AbilitiesOn the other hand, genuine psychics are people who can see, smell, hear, feel, taste, sense, or possess intuition beyond the physical realm’s boundaries. It’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to definitively describe what “normal” perception actually means. After all, we’ve been conditioned to understand that our sense of reality is relatively concrete. We presume that everybody knows that the sky is blue, and can tell if somebody else is in a grumpy mood. But as we expand the sensory spectrum, we quickly notice that there are some senses that are increasingly less common. It’s this awareness that prompts many of us to gain awareness of our unique, inherent extrasensory gifts.

Psychic skills are characterized by the innate ability to process both tangible and intangible sensory stimuli on deep physical, emotional, or spiritual levels. This is admittedly a very broad definition. Since extrasensory gifts greatly vary in their application and intensity, it’s easiest to understand them as occurring on a spectrum.

Tap Into Your Own Psychic Abilities

Most often, we develop our psychic abilities as children. These gifts were either passed from generation to generation through closely related individuals, or were developed in response to environmental influences. As children, we feel more, hear more, see more, and notice more. These are rooted in basic survival instincts, which allow us to move safely through the world as youngsters. But as we mature, we’re told to stop being so sensitive, that ghosts aren’t real, and that pain is always physical. This conditioning leads us to believe that intuition and emotions run counter to reason and science. We deny our gifts, scoff at “clairvoyants” and assume that the physical realm is the only realm that exists.

But don’t worry. Your psychic gifts will never be totally lost. It may require a bit of work to reignite your dormant skills, so here and some easy tips for tapping into your extrasensory abilities.

  • Cozy up to your intuition. Develop a closer relationship with your abilities by practicing every day. You already have familiarity with your intuition. It’s been a component of your spirit forever. But you have a different way of working with it now than you did before.

One simple way to work closer together involves matching colors with your emotions. Think about a very straightforward experience, then choose a color that you associate with the feelings involved. Over time, you’ll subconsciously match the assigned color s with each emotion. Your intuition will begin using those associations to communicate with you non-verbally. Once each color fuses with energy, your intuition will communicate about events that are outside your conscious reality. So, if you start seeing the color you associate with love when a friend begins talking to you about her new colleague, you’ll immediately understand that she feels a romantic connection.

  • Another effective way to practice your psychic abilities is to perform “environmental scans.” To do this, move around the space you’re in, either physically or only with your eyes. Note the sights, scents, and sounds. Which areas do you feel are the most inviting? The least? Explore everything: the windows, the corners, and even the furniture. What energies do you feel?

This exercise may feel awkward. But nobody will notice what you’re doing.

Perform these scans in different environmental areas, both indoors and outdoors. The more aware you become of your surroundings, the easier you’ll be able to discern subtle energy shifts around you. You’ll eventually be able to project this skill onto both past memories and future happenings.

  • Don’t neglect your subconscious. This may sound corny, but among the most effective ways to gain access to your psychic skills is through your subconscious. In our day-to-day lives, we constantly create boundaries that limit the amount of stimulus we ingest. To live functional, healthy lives, we can’t possibly process everything that we encounter. But these stimuli are stored away in our psyches.

The quickest way to begin tapping into your psychic abilities is to encourage a healthy connection with your subconsciousness. Dreams are one portal into the subconscious realm. They symbolize an alternate reality to our conscious world. Dreams free us from physical constraints, allowing us to move effortlessly among metaphysical spaces. We can explore foreign lands, travel to past eras, and encounter spirits. The more acquainted we become with our subconsciousness, the more easily we’ll be able to gain access to our full spectrum of psychic gifts.

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