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Root Chakra Healing

Doing Root Chakra Healing

The root chakra or the Muladhara is a Sanskrit word that means a base or to support. This is the chakra that is found at the bottom of your spine, and it helps to keep your body strong.

This is the place where you can balance your life and where you have a place to start which is why this is considered the first chakra.

When you are conceived, you will have a spine that starts to develop from the bottom, and it moves upward. With your root chakra, you will move upwards towards the crown chakra. The root chakra starts at the base of the spine, and it is a place where you have strong instincts and where you are learning to survive.

This is the place where the fight or flight comes from, and it is energy that you get right when you are born, and you wonder if you are where you are meant to be.

Your root chakra represents stability, and it is the place that can help you to be grounded. As you become who you are, you will have to have things to survive such as shelter, food, and water but there are other things in your life that help you to feel connected to others and help you to feel safe and secure. These things have to do with your feelings and your inner self.

The root chakra is the place where your body reaches out to the world, but it starts inside of you where you can feel love, stability, motivation and more and it will help you to live each day healthy and strong.

The mental part of the root chakra is where you will feel connected to the world around you. Being connected to mother earth shows you that you can ground your energies so that they can flow and help you to live a happy and positive life.

The root chakra is where your self-esteem lies and where you get a sense of belonging to certain places and with certain people.

Unbalanced Root Chakra

If your root chakra is blocked or is unbalanced, you will feel that you do not belong to the world. You will feel that you cannot make sense of things and you will do what it takes to feel better.

When your root chakra is blocked, it will make you feel insecure and cause you to feel that you are depressed, angry, have no self-esteem, not able to forgive and some people even have suicidal thoughts because they do not feel like they belong anywhere.

There are different signs that you can look for to know if your root chakra is balanced or not such as always feeling down, being negative about everything and not being able to be motivated or focused.

These feelings can take over your life and can cause you to feel overwhelmed and depressed and this is the main reason why having a balanced root chakra is essential for good health.

When you are able to see yourself in a good way, you will find that your energies can move you forward and help you to be more positive in things that happen in your life.

Root Chakra Blockages

The root chakra is something that connects with your energies and with the energies of your ancestors to help you to be successful. These energies can challenge you in your life and the memories that you have, and your own experiences will help you to live a healthy life.

It is hard to think about things in the past that were hard such as famine, disaster, war, and such and since all of these things are still part of your life, your root chakra keeps these things in your back memory. These memories and the experiences of past lives are passed down from generation to generation till they get to you. The karma from your past life will affect your root chakra energies.

If your root chakra is not working right, you might find that you are not strong in your mind, body, and soul. There are different emotions that you might feel and different mental things that can come to you when your root chakra is blocked. This can affect you in your mental health and in your spiritual being.

Symptoms of a Blocked Root Chakra

Here are some symptoms a root chakra being blocked:

  • Overly tired.
  • Having colon issues.
  • Having bladder problems.
  • Lower back problems.
  • Problems in the legs, arms, and feet.
  • Inflammation in the body.
  • Experiencing more cramps than normal.
  • Prostate problems.
  • Anxiety.
  • Stress.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Depression.
  • Eating disorders.

Unbalanced Root

There are different things that can happen if your root chakra is blocked. You may have eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. This can cause you not to get the nutrition that you need in your body.

Dealing with some kind of past trauma or abuse can cause you to have a blocked root chakra.

Healing of the Root Chakra

The root chakra is a place where you can make goals and where you can ignite your love for yourself and others. It can help you to be courageous and can help you to feel like you have a place where you belong and that you have strong self-esteem.

When you have experienced trauma in your past life, these memories will stay with you forever and this is what can cause your chakras to be blocked.

You must look at your life and be responsible for the things that you have went through in order to heal your root chakra.

Root Chakra Healing

Here are some ways you can heal your root chakra:

  • Use crystals such as red jasper, black tourmaline.
  • Do lower back exercises.
  • Eat foods that are red.
  • Eat foods that are root vegetables and protein.
  • Go outside and walk barefoot in the dirt.
  • Go swimming.
  • Do yoga.
  • Get psychotherapy.
  • Use essential oils such as cedar, rosemary, and clove.
  • Say things such as, “I am where I belong,” and “I feel safe.”
  • Meditate
  • Do sound vibration healing.

Overview of the Root Chakra

Here is an overview of the root chakra:

  • Known as the Muladhara.
  • Located at the bottom of the spine.
  • The place where you find safety and security.
  • Is the starting or the beginning of the chakra system.
  • Gives you a strong foundation.
  • Helps you to survive.
  • When there are blockages, you will have less passions.
  • The traumas in your life can be passed down to you from other generations.

The root chakra is the place where your chakra system starts. It is next to the sacral chakra, and it can help you to be strong in your mind, emotions and in your body.


If you have low self-esteem and you are feeling depressed and stressed out, chances are that your root chakra is blocked. This can cause you to have mental health issues and other physical problems.

Talk to a psychic or someone that specializes in chakras to find out how you can fix a blocked root chakra and how you can be stronger in your mind and your body.

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