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Explaining Energy Healing to Skeptics

Explaining Energy Healing to SkepticsThere are various types of energy healing practices that include things like EFT, Reiki, chakra clearing, and even sound baths and each can teach people how there are energy blocks that negatively affect our well-being, both physically and mentally. There appears to be a link between nutrition and energy. Working with an energetic healer can help someone release the energetic tension over many things, including anxiety. It can be shocking to find how much criticism rises when someone mentions energy medicine, especially within the scientific community. So, this article offers an explanation for energy healing for those who are still skeptics.

A Difficult Study

The scientific method is focused on breaking things down so that each individual aspect can be studied, but for holistic modalities, the scientific method is unable to work effectively. This is demonstrated in holistic medicine through the practice of such things as acupuncture. Acupuncture is built upon a whole body type of foundation making it nearly impossible to pinpoint the cause and effects that are required of the scientific method.

Currently Unmeasurable

Simply because something cannot yet be measured, does not mean it does not exist. However, this is the approach that science takes with holistic medicine in many cases. Energy medicine is built upon the idea that one person can transfer energy to another to promote healing. This seems like a far-fetched idea to some, but it is natural. Think of someone around you who begins to cry over a conversation or something happening, many times, we too will tear up. Perhaps you go a step further and comfort the person with a touch or a hug. This is instinct, but it is also a subtle exchange of energy.

Becoming Mainstream

Though not always excepted by the scientific community, many cancer treatment centers are including holistic medicine as part of treatment options. Experimenting with Reiki and acupuncture has become acceptable to help ease the pain of chemotherapy patients with no side effects.


The best way to approach a skeptic about energy healing is to ask about their personal experiences. Many people make assumptions without any experience in a particular area. Others have a poor experience that has negatively shaped their views. This does little, but prove you must carefully choose an energy healer.

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