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Fate vs. Destiny Explained

Fate vs. Destiny ExplainedFate and destiny are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. This article will help define the differences and how to understand each in our lives.

Fate Defined

Our word fate comes from the Latin, Fatum, that means “that which has been spoken.” Due to this definition, it is now associated with what is predetermined in our lives. Fate is the idea that there is a natural order that cannot be changed, no matter what. The ancient Greeks and Romans had three goddesses that were known as the three fates and were thought to determine a person’s life path.

Fate is often spoken with negative connotations. Spiritually speaking, fate is what happens when we purposely ignore our calling in life. When we turn our loves over to fate, we are basically allowing others and circumstance to take control. We give up any control or conscious change for our lives.

Destiny Defined

Destiny tends to come across as more positive than fate. Also derived from the Latin language, Destinare, translated means “that which has been firmly established”. This also refers to predetermined happenings, destiny can be shaped and altered. There is some choice in destiny. Using things like courage, patience, will power, and even compassion can change our life destiny.

Spiritually speaking, destiny is connected to the life path. When we take responsibility in our lives, we shape our destiny. To fulfill destiny, we must consciously develop a connection to our inner selves and become more mature on all levels.

The Difference

The basic difference is that fate cannot be changed, but destiny is what we are meant to do. Fate happens when we take no responsibility for life, but destiny comes when we commit to taking chances while learning and growing. Destiny requires conscious decisions and action, but fate is dictated by outside influences.

Is Control Possible?

While fate and destiny are both predetermined, we must remember that infinite possibilities exist in life. To fulfill our destiny, we consciously direct the path, take control. So to answer the question, we do have some control over our path, but not the path options that are provided. We must take responsibility for what we can.

Fulfilling Destiny

When we consciously seek out opportunities to grow, learn, and evolve, we fulfill our destiny. To achieve this highest potential, we can do the following:

  • Develop a self-understanding
  • Discover our passion
  • Find supportive people who offer inspiration and help
  • Take risks by moving out of what is comfortable
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and eliminating the negative ones
  • Asking for help and support when needed
  • Listing strengths so energy can be directed
  • Creating goals
  • Be kind to ourselves
  • Being our authentic selves and asking questions about what we truly want out of life

As we work toward a deeper self-knowledge and grow, we must remember that setbacks happen. This is a normal part of growing and changing. Do not be to hard on yourself when these setbacks occur, simply get up and keep trying. DO not fall to the forces of fate, discover your destiny and grow in it.

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