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Hope for Lost Relationships (checklist)

Don’t lose hope on Your Relationship Yet!

Now it’s not the time to give up on your relationship regardless of how you feel, i.e. moving on might be difficult but you can’t tell why. I have been able to assist many clients with relationship solutions for quite some time now and what brings them together is the fact that situations are never what they look like.

There are couples who get back together even after divorce, fighting over family assets and even after living with other people (as I foretold). Such outcomes are unexpected but they usually occur and clients don’t believe until they do after which they call back and says “I will never doubt you again.”

“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.”– John Lennon

There are quite a number of negative feelings that pile up over time. Partners tend to hurt each other leading to them even having restraining orders against each other. This is embarrassing. However, there are reasons as to why they experience this and there is always breakthrough at the end. Hope is there.

How to know if your relationship has a second, third, fourth or fifth chances

  1. When they contact you about something that’s not important.
  2. They contact you accidentally.
  3. They inquire about you from mutual friends.
  4. When both of you still split pets, assets or children.
  5. You parted ways sometime back and got back together.
  6. Feeling like you’re used to them, unlike others you’ve been with before.
  7. You know their vulnerabilities as well as yours.
  8. You take time to move on even after the break-up.
  9. You always fantasize about them.
  10. You unexpectedly meet with them

People have to find themselves, think about their lives and be aware of everything for them to get on the right relationship track.  It doesn’t matter what the other person says to you as long as you understand each other there is still hope.

What if you’re still “stuck” on a relationship?

Have a look at the checklist and identify if there is any sign of you reconnecting with your lover. This applies to people who find it difficult to move on yet they don’t know the reason why. Know that unexpected things happen even the impossible ones so your situation shouldn’t be any different.

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