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How to Overcome Escapism

downloadTake a good look at your life now. Is there anything you are trying to avoid dealing with? Your work? Your responsibilities? Your relationships? Your singlehood if you are single? Your deteriorating health? Your poor dietary habits? Your poor exercise regime? Your lackluster financial status? Your goals? Your aspirations? Your personal issues? Your past?

Escapism occurs when you try to avoid something. It can come in different forms. Some people escape by seeking out alternate activities, such as sleeping and playing. Some drown themselves in work. Some immerse themselves in addiction, such as emotional eating (bingeing), smoking, alcohol or even drugs. Some physically run away from their homes. Some may even go as far as to migrate to a new place where they can start ‘afresh’.
You Can’t Hide From Yourself Forever

I’ve learned that no matter how much I tried to hide or run away from the things I didn’t like about myself, those things still found a way to creep in. Eventually, escapism stopped working for me and I was left with nowhere else to hide. I had to face the things I was in denial about. I felt lonely, angry, betrayed, and anxious at first and it was painful. But it was what I needed to go through in order to reestablish trust within myself. I had forgotten to be kind to myself.

images (8)Exploring Your Inner Workings

I took a staycation. I explored my inner workings and let whatever insecurities I had arise and be released with love. I advise you to do the same. Get in the habit of doing something lovely for yourself every day. Take a long walk or soak in an inviting bath. Build a relationship with yourself.

Discover Limitlessness

Slowly, I began to enjoy my awkward nature. I learned to embrace my flaws. I accepted and even enjoyed being a “party of one.” After all, it was ludicrous to think that everyone else would accept me when I was essentially rejecting myself. If you embrace yourself, you will discover that you are limitless.

A Higher Vibrational Experience

images (9)Having no limits can be intimidating at first, but if you release yourself from the prison within, you can have a higher vibrational experience. New doors will open for you if you stay present and authentic with yourself. If you have an authentic connection with yourself, you will have authentic connections with the people around you. Authenticity is a powerful tool of self-love and manifestation.

Give Yourself What You Give to Others

You are the vehicle for your success and the gasoline is the thoughts that propel you forward toward an exciting new adventure. So learn to give yourself what you give to others. Never exclude yourself! Give yourself the same faith, love, respect and trust that you give to others.

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