How to Use a Crystal Ball

How to Use a Crystal Ball

When you choose to use a crystal ball for gazing, it is important that you know some tips to follow. One thing you can do is to make sure that you use the crystal when there is a full moon. When you have a crystal ball that is small, under five inches, this is the best crystal ball to use for gazing and you can put it on a stand so that nothing is reflecting in your ball.


When you want to prepare for gazing, you need to go into a dark room that is quiet. Light a couple of candles so that you can help to see and so that the light is reflecting off of the crystal ball.


Take time to relax and breath in and out. Light some incense so that you can stay calm and that you can be at peace. You can also use music that is soft in the background to help you.

Gaze into the ball but do not stare. While you are doing this, make sure that you breathe deeply in and out.


If you are going to do any kind of scrying or divination, you need to make sure that you are not disturbing the spirits., Sometimes using a crystal ball and scrying can disturb the spirits and so when you do this, it can cause them to attack you or cause you to lose your energies.

Use your crystal ball to work through things in this world and when you choose to reach out to spirits, make sure that you are cleansed and grounded and that you cleansed your crystal ball from negative energies.

Crystal Ball

  • Put your crystal ball on a stand in front of you and relax.
  • Put your hands on the ball so that you can feel the energies.
  • Make sure you have good intentions and say them out loud.
  • Remove your hands off of the crystal ball and stare at it.
  • Do not lose your focus.
  • If you see smoke, this means you are about to see an image.
  • Being a beginner means that you might not see images at first because you need to keep practicing.

Smoke Meanings

  • Blue Smoke-you are successful in your career.
  • Gold Smoke-You will get money or romance.
  • Gray Smoke-You will have bad luck.
  • Black Clouds-Bad stuff is coming to you.
  • Green Smoke-Happiness.
  • Orange Smoke-Anger and hidden emotions.
  • Red Smoke-Danger
  • Silver Smoke-Bad times that will be followed by good things.
  • White Smoke-Fortune.
  • Yellow Smoke-Obstacles in your way.

Finishing with Your Crystal Ball

  • Allow the images to fade.
  • Thank your spirit guides for showing you things.
  • Smudge or cleanse your crystal ball.
  • Store your crystal ball somewhere safe to keep the energies safe.


Gazing is when your conscious mind and your unconscious mind works together and allows you to see things in the spirit world. You can see what you want to by changing your energies so that you can work through the crystal ball.

Pictures or images will flow through you, but you need to make sure that you are not being closed minded. Be rational and make sure that you keep practicing until you are the best that you can be.