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Protection against Psychic Attack

Intentional Protection against Psychic Attack

Psychic energy affects us in many different ways. It can direct our subconscious as well as our most primary physical impulses. It can also be quite subtle. Negative people can influence and even attack your psychic energy. If you’re feeling unmotivated, unattractive, powerless, controlled, taken advantage of, pressured to work extra hours, condescended to, manipulated to feel insignificant, undermined, ridiculed, insulted, or pressured to change your appearance or to abandon personal moral or ethical standards, you may be experiencing a psychic attack.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, people can influence your psychic energy by coercing you to do things you otherwise would not do. People with especially strong energy fields can use it both consciously and unconsciously, in both good and bad ways.

Psychic incidents are so dynamic that thoughts and concepts that originated decades or even centuries ago can linger and build momentum from one generation to the next. They become deeply ingrained components of our psyches, and form thought patterns that are difficult to break. Some such thought patterns originate in childhood when we incorporated them by watching our parents relate to the world and us.

Emotions run at specific frequencies, with negative energies operating at lower frequencies. Energy collects and develops into fields in spaces that are more prevalent in more highly populated areas. This is why egotism and narcissism run rampant in cities. Other concentrated emotions like fear, anger, and insecurity can mislead us with the illusion that they’re our own.

Likewise, group dynamics and the environmental impact of loneliness can direct our lives and force us to act in certain ways, like going out on Saturday nights to socialize, or seeking emotional satisfaction and security in a romantic relationship.

Our social groups can also significantly influence our worldview. If you surround yourself with friends who complain a lot, or go shopping to relax and unwind, or drink to excess, those habits will likely become normal for you, too. Similarly, if your friends are activists and speak up on behalf of others who are oppressed or can’t speak up for themselves, you’re likely to be more like them.

Another factor that leaves us susceptible to psychic attack, and thus more readily manipulated by lower-vibration rivers of consciousness, are unhealthy processed foods and alcohol. You may feel as though you are unable to control your eating, or your quality of health is deteriorating. By taking control of your health, breaking free of toxic relationships, and leaving demeaning jobs where you don’t feel valued, you can reduce the likelihood of a psychic attack.

Raise Your Energy Vibration

When you’re unhappy, or you feel as though your life is boring or heading in the right direction, you may be under psychic attack. But negative energy is much weaker than positive, and you can intentionally raise your energy vibration. You will feel happier and more optimistic if your frame of mind is positive and your love intention is pure. Here are some intentional steps you can take to help you do this.

  • Wear black tourmaline, a shiny black stone that blocks negative energy, protects against psychic attack, and transforms negative energy into positive.
  • Shift your mind into a more positive mode by meditating daily. This prevents negative, lower-vibration energy from seeking attraction in your field of energy.
  • Practice Kundalini yoga. It strengthens your energy field by transferring prana into your bloodstream in the oxygen you breathe. Prana is a life-giving force that will fill your energy field and protect you from lower-vibration energy influences.
  • If you feel murky or burdened, a salt bath can cleanse and relax both your physical and supernatural self. This ritual cleansing can be repeated as often as once a week.
  • A walk or hike in nature can clear your energy field thanks to fresh air and reduced vibrational interference from other people.
  • Visualization exercises can keep your vibration high., For example, when you wash your hands, imagine negative energy is leaving your body through your hands and flowing away down the drain with the water. Or, visualize a white or golden bubble of energy surrounding yourself. If a bubble doesn’t feel strong enough, strengthen it with bricks or steel.
  • Avoid negative people You do have a choice about where you spend your time. Take your power back. Keep your conversations positive, and refuse to interact with people who bring you down or dump their emotional trash on you.
  • Remove yourself from negative work environments. Switch jobs if you can, but if you can’t, hope is not lost. Use affirming words and redirect conversations in more positive directions to keep workplace environment energy at higher vibrations.

The Power of Affirmations

Perhaps the most powerful weapon against negative energy is also the easiest to wield. Affirmations, which are short statements you repeat to yourself, immediately direct your thoughts in a more positive direction. The more often you use them, the more quickly you will notice results. Some of the most effective affirmations to combat negative energy are statements like these:

  • “I only allow positive energy around me.”
  • “Great things will happen soon.”
  • “Amazing things are happening right here.”
  • “People treat me well.”
  • “I return past, present, and future energy that isn’t mine with love.”

Once you’re no longer on a path of influence on which you didn’t even realize you were headed, you can start to clarify your purpose and set the intention to bring it to fruition. You can redirect your energy, raise your vibration, and fend off psychic attack. You’ll then be free to live a truly happy, healthy, and magical life.

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