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Knowing Gemini: Everything About the Twins

tumblr_m8yp0raMa51rcnbboo1_1280Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. On the one hand it produces the virtue of versatility and on the other the vices of two-facedness and flightiness. The sign is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth, and its subjects tend to have the graces and faults of the young. When they are good, they are very attractive; when they are bad they are more the worse for being the charmers they are.

Let’s take a detailed look at Gemini’s profile — its qualities and complexities. Here’s your Gemini profile!

They Are Curious

Intellectually complex and exciting, those born under the sign of Gemini will keep you on your toes. It’s not just that they’re quick thinking and fast-talking; The Twins possess a singular curiosity that drives everything they do. This is a sign that wants to know as much as they can about as many subjects as they can—not in depth, but at least in passing. Do you have a lot of interests?

download (5)They Are Good Conversationalists

Gemini is a great conversationalist. They’re adept at chit chat and are good listeners. The downside, however, is that they bore easily and may lose interest if you can’t keep up. It takes a lot of energy to handle a Gemini! But if you can keep up with them, it’s an exciting ride. Have people described you as overwhelming?


They Set the Agenda

A mutable Air Sign, Gemini is quick to change gears in whatever they do. While they usually want to set the agenda (romantically, professionally, personally), that agenda may be hard to predict or pin down. You have to accept this as part of doing business (of any kind) with The Twins.

They Are Terrific Problem Solvers

Geminis have an uncanny ability to see all sides of an issue. This makes them terrific problem solvers and excellent planners. While the ride may feel a bit haphazard and scattered, odds are good they have a map in place that will avoid disaster.

They Collect Data

brains0_2278625bGeminis are master filers of information. They collect data at amazing rates (so all that listening actually registers), and pull out the right tidbit when you least expect it. As a result of their super-computer minds, The Twins have a tendency to come off as a know-it-all, even when they don’t mean things that way. Fortunately, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Any offense taken will quickly dissipate when they’ve moved on to the next subject. It’s their Air Sign nature.

Intellectual, yet youthfully exuberant, The Twins are a rare combination of higher and lower selves—an energy that makes them worthy of being represented not by a single symbol, but by two individuals.

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