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Being Clairvoyant

Knowing Things About Being Clairvoyant That You Never Thought Of

Most people have heard the word clairvoyant, but many people don’t know what it means. The same goes with the word psychic, most people know what the word means but they do not often realize that it isn’t all crystal balls and women dressed in wild clothing. When you have the abilities to know things without having a real reason, this can mean you are psychic.

It is sometimes hard for a psychic to explain to people how they know things. This can cause people to question their own sanity sometimes and it causes outsiders to wonder how they know things that they know.

Some psychics are able to see things before they happen just like in the movies, but the images would just come to their mind. This would cause them to be motivated to experience new things and to understand their giftings.

Being a clairvoyant or a psychic is a gift that people have in their lives and everyone has the ability to have this gifting.


Clair means clear and voyance means seeing. So, clairvoyance is clear seeing which means that you can see things that have not yet happened yet.

There are many people that were considered psychics that would predict the future such as Nostradamus who predicted things in the sixteenth century.

How to Be Clairvoyant

Here are some ways that you get the clairvoyant giftings:

  • You are born with the giftings.
  • You have a spiritual encounter or an awakening.
  • You learn to develop your gift as time goes on.

Signs of Being a Clairvoyant

People that see things into the future or see things that haven’t happened yet often will see images or movies in their minds. They will see things happen before they happen.

These people will learn to look at things more closely and will be able to understand things better than some people do.

Many people that are clairvoyant are often creative and visual learners or they get jobs in things such as graphic designing or art.

Seeing Auras

Many clairvoyants are able to see auras which means that they are able to see the coloring around people. The auras are there to show how people are feeling and how they see things. The colors are not always able to be seen by everyone but as a clairvoyant you can often see them.


Some people that are clairvoyant are able to see flashes of coloring that goes from the corner of their eye. Many children are more clairvoyant than older people because they are not afraid to have new things happen to them.

Sometimes kids are afraid of this gifting because adults put it down and it discourages them.

Vivid Dreaming

Many clairvoyants will have vivid dreams. They will be able to see things that are wild in their dreams and then when they wake up, they will remember what they dreamed.

People that have childhood dreams would be able to remember these dreams and some dreams are questionably and not understood but they will later get the meaning of these dreams.

Seeing the Future

A clairvoyant can sometimes see into the future and will know what is going to happen. Some people are able to see themselves travel and others are able to see clear visions of disasters. They may see people crying, smoke, fire and other things and they can help to save the lives of others by having them to postpone their trips.

Knowing You are a Clairvoyant

Here are the ways you can know if you are a clairvoyant:

  • You have more than 3 of the traits above.
  • You have less than 3 but you practice improving your clairvoyance.
  • If you don’t have this gift, chances are that you have another psychic gifting.

You can learn to develop your gifting by looking online or seeing a psychic to direct you which way to go next.

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