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Meditation 101

       Are you always saying “I can’t meditate?” Are you the one that says “I can’t get my mind to turn off?” A lot of you may be interested in improving your own intuition. There are many ways to improve intuition, but one of these methods is often neglected by the people of the West. It’s meditation. Today, I wish to teach you a basic form of meditation that will help you improve your intuitive mind, so that you can know more, see more and sense more.
Well in a few easy steps you can meditate like a professional.

There are 10 easy steps in learning how to meditate:

1) Find a Comfortable Position
. Options include:
a: Sitting up with your back straight.
b: Laying down (yes, it’s ok).
c: Walking (you can actually meditate walking, called meditation in motion) though the focus should be different with a moving meditation.  We wouldn’t advise starting with this one, but it’s always an option.
2) Breathe. One of the most important aspects of meditation is your breath work.  Take three full, deep controlled belly breaths. Meaning breathing in through the nose and filling your lungs all the way up, so your belly expands. Hold for a count of three and then a slow measured exhalation through your mouth. Summarized it’s: Breathe in through the nose, hold 3 seconds, out through the mouth, and repeat three times.

3) Relaxing Your Body.
 Start at your toes and consciously release any tension in them, move up to your feet, release tension, then calf muscles, continuing up your body until you release all tension in the body and lastly in your head and neck muscles.
4) Visualization.
 Go into your heart space (the center of your chest) and visualize laying peacefully at the center of your being.

5) Create a Place of Peace.
 Create a beautiful space where only you can go. It could be the ocean, a river, the clouds, a bridge, etc., whatever makes you feel peaceful. Place all the things you love there in your heart space, which is the place that takes you to your higher self. It is a place of love and no judgment. For example: You may like to go to a special place next to a beautiful stream, lay in a hammock, green grass all around, soft and beautiful, baby animals frolicking, birds singing, a big sturdy oak tree. Relish in the sounds and beauty of nature.

6) Send Your Worries Away.
 Listen to your regular breathing as you lay in your special place, focusing only on what you hear in this beautiful place: the birds singing, the water trickling by, the sound of your breathing. Each time you think of something you are worried about, imagine in your mind that you are placing this in a bubble, and sending these thoughts into the Light, where the Universe is holding it for you and arranging things just right until you are finished with your meditation.

7) Be Present.
 Quietly just be present in your special place. You don’t need to do for hours. 15 minutes will do to begin with. You can add a few minutes later when you’re ready or leave it at 15 minutes. It’s all up to you. Allow yourself to really be present here, taking in all the peace, love and energy of your own private space.

8) Give Thanks.
 After 15 minutes or so, give thanks and appreciation to your higher self, the Universe, and God for allowing you this sacred time. You will feel less stressed and more relaxed and happier.

9) Time to Return.
 When it’s time to come back simply count to five, stretch, and nourish your body with a drink of fresh water. As you do this on a regular basis you will notice new things appearing in your special place, things you didn’t plan for. This is indicative of spiritual growth. Simply accept them, observe and enjoy them.

10) Practice. Practice this as many times a week as you can for 15 minutes. As you grow and evolve you will feel more centered, grounded, peaceful and less stressed. When you’ve been doing this comfortably and can easily fall into this zero state of mind, into the heart based center, then you are ready to begin thinking about protection, your own abilities and seeking counsel for how to help you grow more in your own intuitive development. Try not to rush and allow this to unfold naturally.

When ready, contact any of the numerous Psychic Source Advisors who will help you move on to the next step of raising your vibration and growing into this expanded state of awareness.


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