Mourning over Friendship


Friendships are just as important as our romantic relationships. Despite the fact that a lot of films and books in well-known culture portray substantial love stories of our times, there are very essential lessons learned from friendship. These are dedication, honesty, and compromise. Sadly, all friendships don’t last. Others take time to end while others may crush immediately. It doesn’t matter how this takes place but there will always be that moment of mourning when an essential friendship comes to an end. As you look for new friendships, the following processes will help you start healing from your old friendships.

Process Your Feelings

You need to discover your feelings and understand them. This is the first action to take in any mourning process. Isolating yourself emotionally is not advisable as this can be exhausting therefore it is only through you that these emotions can pass and put them down on paper. Writing a letter to an old friend can help although you might not send it. This is a chance for you to let your heart out but at the same time take into consideration that both you and your friend need that personal space in order to heal.

Don’t Utter Bad Words

You might feel like you need to through words at your friend. Despite everything that led to you two falling apart it is respectable to just be silent to avoid being misinterpreted by your new friends. Do away with negative feelings and energy of the past if you want to attract healthier relationships in the future.

Remember Your Experiences Then Turn Around

Everything you did together (experienced) was genuine even though the friendship ended. Therefore make peace with your past although it might be emotional and psychical. You can look at their photos, presents etc. before finally doing away with them to mark the end of your friendship.

Engage in Activities that make you Happy

Recent research shows that happy and confident individuals attract other people more. When you are happy you feel more connected to yourself. Engage in activities that give you peace of mind and heart. Taking good care of yourself will make other people notice you and make them act positively towards that vitality.

Regrettably, sadness that results from a loss of a very important friendship cannot be ignored. Even if the reason why the friendship ended is still questionable you have no option but to move on. You will heal quickly and make new friends faster if you locate time for your own well-being and feelings while at the same time living positively.

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