Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

If you want to be able to understand the universe around you and reach your best spiritual self and become enlightened, you need to start by opening up your third eye.

The third eye is a place of mystery and even though you can open it, do you know how, and should you do it? There is so much confusing when people talk about opening the third eye and many people wonder if they really can do it. The third eye has many misunderstandings and if you are interested in opening your third eye, read on.

Third Eye

The third eye has been known throughout civilizations and is seen as a spiritual symbol that means that you can defeat anything that comes against you in life.

The symbol is deeper than most people know, and it is something that everyone can reach and do as long as they have their heart in it and an open mind. When someone meditates on a regular basis, the third eye becomes stronger and at a larger frequency.

People have heard that opening the third eye allows you to be enlightened in your mind and to see the world in a different view. The third eye allows those that open it to have a deeper sense of intuition and to open up their giftings.

The third eye is also called the Anja chakra and it is in control of the pineal gland This is where you are able to connect your mind, knowledge, and your intuition. Some people want to open their third eye so they can become better and have a stronger spiritual self.

If you want to open your third eye, here is how:

Opening the Third Eye

Opening the third eye is not something that happens fast, and you have to work hard to do it. You will be surprised at how fast you will see change. Here are some stages of opening up your third eye:


You have to figure out where your third eye and the best way to understand this is to imagine it at your forehead. This is where your energy corresponds with your body and your mind.

The third eye is the sixth chakra and it is located right above the nose and between the eyes on the forehead.

When you use meditation, you will focus your energy on this chakra, and it can help you to see things clearly in your life.


Meditating is important when opening your third eye and meditating can help you to concentrate on important things. You can set goals when meditating. Here is what you need to do when you meditate:

  • Find a comfortable place that is quiet and non-distracting.
  • Any place can work for meditation as long as you are comfortable.


Let your mind and your body work together. Be comfortable and pay attention to your posture. You can sit with your legs crossed or put them on the ground, whatever makes you comfortable:

  • Use a chair if you need to be more natural.
  • If you have a hard time being comfortable, sit on cushions.
  • If you are still having trouble being comfortable when you sit, try walking meditation.

Meditation Object

You can use an object or a thought when you meditate to help you concentrate and allow your meditation to be more effective:

  • Use candles because the flame can comfort you.
  • You can imagine an image in your mind such as a flower or the ocean.


Pick a phrase that you want to say and repeat it when you meditate. Say this out loud and make sure it is meaningful:

  • Say something you want such as to feel happiness or joy.
  • Use words such as peace and love.


Meditation is not something that you do once, but you should keep practicing this. Do it once or more each day and allow your mind and your body to rest.

If you become frustrated when you meditate, find ways to be successful. Start short such as a couple minutes and then add time to your meditation as you improve.


When you want to be mindful, you have to know what being mindful means. Being mindful means that you are paying attention to what you are feeling and what your emotions are. When you understand what you are going through, you can begin to understand more things around you.

  • Be observant.
  • Do not judge.
  • Do not look at things as right or wrong.
  • Do not judge yourself just acknowledge how you feel.


Spending time in nature can help you to be more mindful. Get off of your electronics and go outside and observe the world around you.


Being creative can help you to be more mindful and to meditate better. Creativity opens up your mind and allows you to be at peace. Try painting or playing music.

Small Things

Take time to focus on things that are small. We are all very busy and being mindful can pass us up. If you want to open your third eye, begin to pay attention to small things around you.

Pay attention to how things smell such as your perfume or your shampoo. Notice how the water feels or how the sounds around your house are.


When you open your third eye, you will have a more peace. The third eye will help you to love and be more compassionate with others. Be aware of how you treat yourself and be kind and loving towards yourself and this can help you to have less stress.


People that open their third eye often know more and become more intelligent. As your third eye opens, you will see things in a different way, and you will become more knowledgeable about who you are, and you will be able to understand your emotions better.


Opening your third eye will help you to lessen your stress and be more at peace. This can allow your body to heal itself, your blood pressure to lower and your upset symptoms to go away. This can even make you look and feel younger.

Signs of an Open Third Eye

You might want to know if you are opening your third eye and you are doing the right things. Here are some things you might feel when it starts to open:

  • Pressure between your eyes.
  • You might begin having stronger feelings about things.
  • You will begin changing and experiencing new things.
  • You will trust yourself and rely on your inner being.
  • You might see light when you meditate that is a spiritual light. This could look like a star or other shapes. This can be an artwork in your spiritual eye and is evidence of an open third eye.