Simple Spells for Happiness and Success

Simple Spells for Happiness and Success

Casting a spell can help you focus on life and what you really want out of it. Modern day witches do not fly around on brooms, own cauldrons or possess black cats, though if you do that is perfectly fine. There is no need for a special look to spell cast. Casting a spell is a wonderful way to focus on what you want and set a real intention toward specific goals. Casting spells and witchcraft is a nature-based belief that utilizes herbs, seasons, candles, colors, the sun, and moon to help attain desires and dreams. Magic can help you do everything from maintaining a relationship to finding the perfect job for you. The most important thing is that your magic is only used for good. Witches believe that doing something morally wrong will haunt you. Read below to discover a few spells that will boost your wellbeing.

Spell for Making Friends

Some people are easily able to make friends, but others find it difficult. You may be overly shy or worried about making that first step. Maybe you have moved to a new area or started a new job where you know no one. The spell below will help you make and keep new friends in the environment. All you need is a blank postcard, a bay leaf, a gold pen, 30 cm of thin gold ribbon, and clear adhesive tape. The spell is best done on a Sunday or Wednesday or on a full or new moon. Use the postcard to write out your request for new friends to enter your life with the gold pen. Write the word “wanted” at the top and underline it, then write the type of friends you would like to enter your life. For example, you could write “WANTED: caring and fun friends at work/school, who like me just as I am. New friends to offer support and who I can confide in over time, as well as hang out with for fun.” When this is complete, stick the bay leaf on the postcard with the tape. Carefully roll up the postcard into a tube and tie it with gold ribbon. Leave this on your bedroom windowsill for 24 hours and then place the scroll somewhere in your bedroom. Friends should soon enter your life.

Charm for Loving Yourself

We must love ourselves if we expect to have a happy relationship in life. While everyone has hang-ups and quirks, they should not damage your self-worth. Below, is a confidence booster spell to help during those times when you are unhappy with yourself. All you need is a bunch of flowers that are brightly colored, a tall mirror, and five white tealight candles. At a time when you will not be interrupted, arrange the flowers in a circle on the floor and sit inside the circle. Arrange the tealights in a smaller circle in the flowers. Place the mirror outside the circle so that you can see yourself. Sit cross legged in the circle and light all the candles. Look at your reflection and see your inner beauty. Repeat the chant “I am beautiful, no matter what others may say. I am filled with love in every way” five times.

Spell to Get a Job

Whether you need a job that pays the bills or one that is better than your current one, the spell below can help and offer enough to pay your expenses and more. Gather a lighter, a gold or silver candle, a candle holder, three mint leaves, a teaspoon of dried sage, a piece of green paper, and a gold pen. On a full or waxing moon or on a Thursday, draw a pentagram on the center of the paper with the gold pen. In the center of the pentagram, write JOB, making sure the star is pointing upward. Around the word, write what type of job you want, full-time, part-time, work from home, your hours and salary. Tear up the mint leaves and put them and the sage into the pentagram. Place a candleholder on top of the herbs with a candle that you light. Say the following: “Goddess Morrigan, hear my cry. Send me a job to meet my needs. Give me a job to love. I send this message above.” Allow the candle to burn down. Take the paper and herbs to the nearest window and open the window, blowing the contents out. You will soon see the ideal job for you.