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Spirit Animals and Shadow Self

Spirit Animals and Shadow Self

People often wonder about shadow animals and they have a hard time believing that a shadow animal can be a shark, duck, fly or even a snake. Different mediums and psychic people were shocked about the work that the shadow animal or the shadow self can do, even healing.

It is important that you know that your spirit animal can be your guide and it can help you to know who you are and what you need in life.

There are different shadow animals that are not scary and can help you to have love, compassion and care for yourself and others.

Shadow Self

A shadow self is considered the dark side of who you are. This is where you have animal instincts that help you to be able to get rid of things in your life that are bad such as:

  • Fear
  • Greed
  • Hate
  • Shame
  • Jealousy
  • Judgement
  • Deception

The shadow self is the negative part of your life that sometimes is hidden but often has to come out in the open to get rid of the dark side attachment and the ego.

You must figure out how to talk to your shadow self so that you can heal it and it will no longer be bad.

Golden Shadow

Some believe that the shadow is partly gold, and this is where people hide their creative sides. The negative parts of the shadow self are traits that can cause you to miss out on your greatness. Some people are held as prisoners to their shadow self, but this can be confusing.

Light can only be hidden when there is a lot of darkness and if the golden shadow will push through the darkness then it can bring healing and hope.

Shadow Self and Spirit Animal

Some people believe that there are many ways to heal the shadow self, and this is often called shadow work. This is something known in Buddhism and it is when a person has to find enlightenment and let go of their ego.

Some believe this to be soul retrieval or getting rid of demons and others believe that this is the place where darkness is.

If you face your shadow self, you have to work with different energies and meditate so that you can figure out what is going on inside of you. This can be scary and cause you to be ashamed of who you are, but it can help you to use your spirit animals to help you discover yourself and accept who you are.

No matter how you do this, shadow work is never enjoyable. If you want to have a peaceful and happy life though, you have to make this part of your journey. If you are experiencing medical problems, go to a doctor first.

Why Do Shadow Work?

Your shadow is part of your unconscious living and it can cause you to have pain in your life. It can cause you to be responsible for all kinds of mess ups and addictions and it can make you have no motivation and to not be able to connect to the loving world.

People are taught to punish the bad people and when you have a shadow self, this is what causes you to mess up and ruin things such as relationships and to not go after your career. When you realize this, you punish yourself.

A shadow self can cause you to have emotional problems and can hurt your physical being. In alternative medicine, they think that the shadow self is the emotional and physical reason that people have sicknesses. They feel that they are unworthy, and it causes the body to shut down. It can cause people to have things such as stress, diabetes or other negative things and can cause autoimmune diseases.

The body might even attack itself on top of all of the suffering in the mind that happens. The soul is a perfect thing, but the spirit often needs to have some kind of healing.

Your spirit animals or your Totem can help you to heal yourself and to be gentle with what is going on in your shadow self.

Tips to Heal the Shadow Self

There are things you can do to heal your shadow self-such as:

Emotional Reactions

Journal all of the emotions that you have rather they are good or bad. Whatever you are feeling, write it down.

If you want to get rid of your shadow self, you need to keep a journal and write down what you are feeling. Figure out what triggers negative emotions and put it in your journal. Look at the calendar each week and figure out what days and what months are negative. See if there is a pattern.

Things that irritate you can help you to understand yourself more. Figure out what is causing you to have these different emotions.

Shadow Archetypes

Look at what you are feeling and why. Find out what is causing you to have these emotions, and what is causing you to act a certain way.

Ask Your Spirit Guides

Talk to your spirit guides and ask them to show you who they are. Ask them to support your journey and to help you heal your shadow self.

Find out what archetypes represent who you are and what represents your triggers and then meditate to your spirit guides. Ask your guides to come to you and to help protect you. Thank them for being with you.

Ask them questions that you need to know so that you can figure out what is holding you back. Ask them to speak and listen. If you see your animal walk or swim away, it is time to stop meditating.

Write It Down

Write down everything that happens including:

  • When the animal came.
  • What animal it was.
  • What the spirit animal said.
  • How you heard them.
  • The color of the animal.
  • How they came to you.
  • What the environment was.
  • How they left (fly, walk).
  • What elements were there
  • What direction they came from and what direction they went.
  • How the animal guides made you feel.

Signs and Symbols

After your guide leaves, figure out if they left you signs or symbols. Here are some that might be important:

  • The colors and the meaning of the colors.
  • The number meaning.
  • The meaning of the spiritual animal.
  • The cardinal direction they went.
  • The elements.

When you figure out the symbols, take time to really look at it and take time to figure out everything about the meeting.

Facing Your Shadow Self

Learn what kid of shadow self you are facing and the negative parts of it. You can look at the fact that you are not able to really be in control of yourself, but that you can work to make it better.

Ask your spirit animal to give you energy and to heal you and give you courage. When you use protector archetype, it can cause a bear or some strong animal to come to you and to help protect you and keep you safe.

One thing to stay safe from is your own judgements such as:

  • I am bad.
  • I am not good enough.
  • I will never be good enough in life.
  • Something is wrong with me.
  • No one could ever like me.
  • No one could ever love me.

When your power animal comes, let them help you. Let them help you face your energy and to separate you from your bad self. When you ask your power animal to come, you will connect with the part of yourself that is hard.

Be Compassionate and Loving with Yourself

Your spirit animal has come to help you to figure out who you are and to help you to face your shadow self. You are not angry and jealous because your spirit animal has brought you love and compassion.

When you do shadow work, you will see that you will experience different emotions. Ask your spirit animal to come to you and to help you to not be ill anymore. Let them share their light.

Seeing your spirit animal can be the best thing that you have ever seen. You might see a bear, a dolphin, or a horse. They will come to give you light and to help you to be the best that you can be. You will do amazing in life, just keep pushing forward.

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