Understanding How to Use Your Third Eye

Understanding How to Use Your Third Eye

The Third Eye is a fascinating chakra that helps people experience the world beyond our physical sense of sight.  Although it might be undeveloped in many individuals, for psychics and mystics their Third Eye is a crucial tool.  When one is able to open their Third Eye, it means your mind, body and spirit reach acute senses of awareness, intuition, and spiritual growth.

The Third Eye houses the sixth chakra.  In metaphysics it is aligned with clairvoyance, interpreting auras and harnessing foresight.  In theosophy, or the journey to understand divine wisdom, it was believed that a physical third eye was located in the back of the head and through evolution recessed into the brain, forming the pineal gland, a key part of the endocrine system.  Today, we think of the Third Eye as resting on the forehead, slightly above the bridge of the nose and between the two eyes.  Since it governs psychic sight, it enables people to see energies, spiritual beings and increase our intuition.

Mystical people believe that there are supernatural forces that help us experience senses beyond our physical abilities.  They access the astral world via meditations and mindful uses of higher levels of consciousness.  However, to reach the astral plane one’s Third Eye must be developed.  Theosophy teaches us it is the most powerful energy source and highest form of ethereal energy.  This means the Third Eye is the gateway between the physical and spiritual realms.

Why an opened Third Eye is important

Prior to the age of 17, individuals have a more open Third Eye.  This is because children have been less programed to distrust their spiritual abilities or aspects beyond rational explanation.  They have accumulated less toxins from food or environment, as well as have a limited number of free radicals that impede chakra balance.  In adult negative life experiences build up causing an epidemic of stress and further hinders your spiritual talents like intuition.  Signs of an inactive Third Eye includes feeling confused, anxious, envious, jealous, judgmental and bitter.

Benefits of an opened Third Eye:

  • Increased lucid dreaming
  • Improved sleep
  • Successful astral projection
  • Enhanced imagination and creativity
  • Seeing auras, energies, and spirits
  • Gaining foresight
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Better decision making
  • Decreased stress

Third Eye opening exercise

  1. Locate your Third Eye. Focus on the spot above the bridge of your nose and between your eyes
  2. Find a peaceful setting. Some people opt to practice outside alone, while others prefer a group session indoors.  Make sure you are comfortable, disconnected from technology and can be free of distractions.
  3. Maintain correct posture. In it commonly believed that sitting with crossed legs is the most effective posture to open the Third Eye.  Avoid laying down so you don’t accidentally fall asleep.
  4. Once cross legged, breathe and focus on a single image or mantra to avoid any distractions.  Let yourself relax deeply.  If you chose to meditate indoor, consider lighting a candle and focusing on the flame.  You also might find slow, instrumental music or nature sounds helpful.  Feel free to explore your relaxation options and begin to commit to finding a period of time each day to meditate.
  5. Focus on your Third Eye.  With closed eyes, observe your Third Eye.  Notice how it looks physically on your forehead.  Sustain focus there until you see an array of colors swirling like a kaleidoscope.  Pay attention to when you feel a slight physical pressure in the space above your eyebrows.  Stop after 5-10 minutes or when you can no longer be comfortable.
  6. Make it a habit. Repeat these steps for at least the next four days to see drastic improvements in your intuition, outlook and personality.  You may also choose to add crystals to the practice, specifically indigo or violet colored one.  Place them on your Third Eye during mediations to help improve stimulation and receptivity.

Link to the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is directly centered in the brain and is responsible for secreting melatonin, a hormone that regulates one’s circadian rhythm.  It also has biological functions including: hunger, thirst. sexual urges, and aging.  To stimulate the pineal gland, and open the Third Eye, Theosophists and mystics consumed certain food including bananas, while avoiding processed foods and sweets.  They also reduced exposure to light during the night since staying up too late could close the Third Eye since the pineal gland is negatively impacted if not enough natural levels of melatonin are produced.

Signs of an opening Third Eye

  1. Forehead pressure. There could be a slight warmth or pressure on your Third Eye, as if someone is pushing on it physically.  If this chakra is experiencing an energy overflow, a person might suffer with headaches, migraines or pain.  Thankfully this pain is quick to dissipate and shows a stimulated pineal gland.
  2. Sensitivity to sound. In particular low tone can be soothing, while high tones produce an emotional surge.
  3. Sensitivity to light. Colors will become more vibrant and intense as you Third Eye broadens your interactions with the world around you.
  4. Slow personality changes. An opening Third Eye correlates with a calmer and more peaceful presence.  You will be less stressed, self-centered and more forgiving or grateful.
  5. Strengthened foresight. Your intuition and perceptions will become more intense.  You can become aware to dangerous situations more readily as well and notice goodwill, inspiration or creativity more easily.
  6. Profound tie to your inner wisdom. You will begin to take better care of yourself and understand yourself at the deepest levels.

Having an open Third Eye means seeing the world through a new and exciting lens.  You will become more receptive to life’s opportunities and your full potential.  You will be a better steward of your physical, mental and spiritual self, while helping people you care about avoid misfortune.