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Ways of drawing protection symbols

Ways of drawing protection symbolsSince I work closely with disembodied entities, I frequently use distinct scared symbols that are used for the protection of both me and other individuals as well. It’s not easy to say how these symbols work but it’s fine to use them without being knowledgeable.  Learn how to draw protection symbols and forget about magic, psychic energies, and sacred geometry.

Other individuals believe that magic and ritual spells work because they’ve been charged with magical energies throughout the ages of being in use. Or they might be related to sacred geometry directly.

Sacred Symbols

Below are symbols that are frequently used in the protection of amulets. They can all be placed in stone or wood or can be drawn on a piece of paper skin or even wall.

The Circle

A circle is a representation of infinity and the omnipotence of God, it has no beginning nor end for years. Its frequently represented by a snake devouring its tail. It’s an inseparable element of earth civilization. The circle has an essential meaning in magic. This symbol should be treated as a way of amulets and talismans creation.

The Tetragram

Also known as Kabbalistic, Gnostic of Solar cross. Tetragrammaton, the name of God, is represented by the duality of forces in the universe. The elements, fire, air, and water are also represented by the western symbol yin and yan. It is also used as a protection symbol.

The Pentagram

It is the most well-known occult symbol nowadays and the oldest on earth. It represents quite several things like; humanity, sexuality or the five elements, air, water, earth, and spirit. It is frequently used to summon and banish rituals. One point is supposed to face up when painted on the wall or another vertical surface. A single point is supposed to face east when you’re drawing on the floor.

The Calvary Cross

This is a symbol of the Catholic Church and is frequently used as a protection symbol. It is also used to undertake distinct Christian rituals and exorcism.

The Star of David

This is a representation of the connection between physical and non-physical, material and spiritual. It is frequently used in Kabbalistic rituals and can be used as a protection symbol too.


As I said earlier, these symbols can be placed on walls or floors or ceilings and even on stones. They can also be custom made in amulets and worn.

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