When Psychic Gifts Stop Working

When Psychic Gifts Stop Working

When Psychic Gifts Stop WorkingIf you have ever laid out a deck to do a reading and the answers were a mess of gibberish that made no sense. Then you may feel like something is off. If you try again with the same results, you may feel like your psychic abilities have disappeared overnight. No worries, this happens to even the best and most intuitive psychics. There are reasons this could be happening.

Reasons the Gifts Are Note Working

Exhaustion – When we get fatigued from extreme stressors or even everyday life, it can be tough to stay tuned into your intuition. This is just due to a lack of energy. Get some much-needed rest and try again.

Worry – If you cannot quiet your mind due to excessive worries, it can be hard to focus on a reading or intuition. Even if we do manage to quiet our minds momentarily, worry can creep in and derail things with ease.

Life Transition – If your life is in transition, psychic abilities often halt until life has calmed back down. This can be a combination of exhaustion, worry, and many other emotions. Simply give it some time.

Healing – Though we may desire that the spiritual side of ourselves is more available when we are hurting, this is not always the case. Psychic gifts can distract us from actual self-healing. Take time to care for yourself in practical ways. Self-care is important to the psychic gifts so it needs to remain a priority. The ability will likely return once you are in a better place.

Ignoring the Ability – Use it or lose it takes on a new meaning with psychic gifts. If the gifts have been ignored over time, then the spirits will impose a kind of time-out until we are ready to listen again. Learn from the imposed silence and appreciate your gifts as you try to listen again.

New Gifts – There are times when you have a specific gift, but another is being developed. This may put your original on hold for a time as the new surfaces. Once the new one grows and becomes stronger, the other will return. This is a positive as your gifts are growing.

What to Do

When your abilities stop working, it is a sign a break is needed. While it is not a bad thing to have a great relationship with your abilities, overdependence on them can be problematic. When the gifts stop working, the Universe is telling us to take a step back and breathe, away from the gift.

No matter what challenges life throws at us, the gifts can return at a later time. The downtime is not pleasant, but if we can breathe, stay calm, and look into ourselves for the next move, then things will calm down.

If you cannot seem to move past the block, go to a trusted reader for further answers. You may find you are just being asked by the Universe to rest and relax for a time. Our spiritual gifts do not always need to be front and center, we have a physical life to live as well. This is good to remember.

How to Turn “It” Back On

While intuition never really goes away completely, always running somewhere inside us, some may want to have it active immediately. This may be possible for some with a simple visualization. Try the following visualization to reconnect with your intuition.

  1. With your eyes closed, make an intention to connect with your gift.
  2. Wait for a sign that the connection has been made. This could be a flash, a voice, or any sign specific to you.
  3. Visualize a television and turn it on. Take note of the picture and sound level. This can help define the connection you currently have.
  4. Continue to tune into the television until the picture clears and the volume is comfortable. What is on the screen and what you hear are from your intuition.
  5. Once everything is set, thank your intuition for answering and open your eyes once again.

If the above visualization does not work, there is no need to panic. The Universe has given you time off for a purpose and the gifts will return when the time is appropriate. Your intuition will be there when it is needed most.