Why Do We Feel Drawn to Strangers?

Why Do We Feel Drawn to Strangers?

Why Do We Feel Drawn to Strangers?It’s common for people to feel drawn to others that they haven’t ever met. But why do we feel that way? Why do you feel like you need to see the person again? Why does the person seem so familiar?

We live in a technological world. Each day, we’re exposed to many souls that we may never meet in person, in our real lives. Things like TV and the internet easily connect us to one another. We get glimpses into a person’s thoughts through their writing. We can discern personal details about people by watching them in videos on YouTube.

There are lots of ways to form connections with other people. Though some of these connections will always be one-sided, your soul can remember people from the past. It holds on to all of the memories. But your mind needs to reach deeper to absorb the information in a logical way.

When you recognize somebody you knew in your past, your soul sends a signal to your mind. You begin feeling drawn toward the person because your soul knows him and your mind wants to know more about him.

Connections From Past Lives

The type of relationship you had with him must have mattered. You’ll feel stronger associations when you shared closer personal connections in past lives, such as a spouse, lover, sibling, dear friend, and so on. Your intimacy with that person in a previous life influences how intensely you feel drawn to him.

Past life connections are the primary reasons why you fall in love before even meeting the person. And it could be any person—even somebody on TV or in social media. You feel drawn to them and want to see them again.

Why Do We Feel Drawn to Strangers?The following signs will help you discern if you’ve found somebody from a past life.

  • A distinct sense of familiarity. From the first glance, you feel like you already know the person. The person may even live on another continent, so there’s literally no chance you’ve ever met. Yet you feel as though you’ve known them forever.
  • A feeling of peace. You feel an inexplicable sense of peace and calmness every time you see the person. The problems of the world seem to pause, and you feel at peace.
  • Empathy for their pain. The lives of many people who appear in mass media are like open books. Others can quickly know what’s happening in their lives. When you have past life connections, you begin feeling their pain.

I once read about one lady’s experience that was like this. She said she immediately started sobbing when she heard of the death a media personality’s father. Her bond with the person felt so strong that she can’t justify the depth of her emotional reaction.

  • He’s always in your thoughts. You can’t ever forget the person. They stay in your thoughts, and the connection amazes you. You can’t comprehend why you’re feeling that way, yet your mind demands an answer.
  • You want to find out more. You don’t want to stop at what you know about them now. You feel like you need to know more. Your soul knows him, and it wants to know how he is doing. Furthermore, you feel like you would use any means available to know more about him.

Soul-level connections are real, and they run deep. Now you don’t have to be surprised when you notice them.