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Working with Guardian Angels in Our Daily Lives

Working with Guardian Angels in Our Daily Lives

Most people have never even considered trying to work with their guardian angels, but together you can truly transform your daily life a step at a time. Below, we will look at several different ways you can begin working with your angels because they are just waiting and anxious to get started.

Name the Angel

When you first meet someone, the first thing most people do is introduce yourself using your name. This is the first exchange that starts to build trust and starts building the foundation of your future relationship no matter what type it turns out to be. Keeping that in mind, the best starting point for working with your guardian angel is to make sure you know their name. There are a couple of ways to figure this important piece of information out. First, you can sit quietly in a peaceful place and quiet your mind. Focus on breathing and release all tension. Once relaxed, say “I would like to know my guardian angel’s name” and wait to see if a name comes to mind. Another option is to simply give your guardian angel a name that has special meaning to you. Then start calling your angel by this name as a way to build a relationship.

Create Your Angel Space

Just as you need a designated space when working from home so you can get more done, the same is true for working with angels. Creating an angel space is not totally necessary because you can pray anywhere and anytime. but creating a special space for your angel turns your normal wishful thinking into a concrete habit. It can be great to want to connect, but doing this in a designated space requires practice to build the habit. Angel spaces can be as simple as a home altar or designated spot on a table which is where you always communicate with your angel and be reminded of them.

Ask for Help

Once you know your guardian angel’s name and have a special place for them in your heart and home, it is time to seek their company and help. Your angels are not there to judge or shame, they just want to help. Ask for what you need.

Say Thank You

Your guardian angel has been with you your whole life so they know you deeply. Talk to your angels openly because they already know and understand you intimately. As you speak to your angels, make sure you also thank them. Gratitude deepens a relationship in real life and in the celestial realm. So, make sure you thank your angel for support and love often.

Ask They Bring Your Prayers to God

Angels are like middlemen that watch over our souls while we are in a temporary body. There is a spiritual realm that surrounds us though we have limited access in physical form. Our guardian angels exist as pure spirits and are not bound by the same restrictions as we are in this life. Your angels are in constant contact with you and in the spiritual realm. If you are praying to your higher power, as the angels to pray with you and carry the message to your higher power.

Ask for Comfort

Many people around the world are experiencing grief at this moment. Others may feel alone or isolated, while others are just simply trying to cope with every day life. There is no need to struggle with this alone as your angels are available to provide comfort and solace. Close your eyes and envision your angel nearby, surrounding you in their glowing light. Allow them to whisper reassurance because you are not alone.

Overcome Addiction

While the word addiction often calls to mind alcohol or substance abuse, addictions can also include normal things like drama, stress, shopping, or even social media. The addictions to these normal things are often how we cope, but they are not really good. They prevent us from actual healing. Though it can seem impossible to overcome an addiction, there is no need to go it alone. As you work with a therapist, ask your angel for help as well. Ask your angel and called upon the archangels for additional help.

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

If you feel like your life is missing something or that there is more that you have not found, then you would be right. As humans, we place value on productivity, ego, and accomplishment and believe without those things we hold no value. This is not accurate because our essence is not defined by anything external, but by our divinity. It is easy to forget in our busy lives, but working with your angel can deepen your spiritual connection. They can support your spiritual life in all ways.

Feel Together

Many times, no matter where we live, we can slip into loneliness because it does not stem from physical separation. It can be from feeling misunderstood or due to drastic life changes. We can feel separation when we put most of our energy into work, rather than those things that give us light and joy. You can work with your guardian angel to feel togetherness instead of loneliness. One way to do this is through a tangible reminder like an angel screensaver or daily messages delivered through your phone.

Teaming Up with Archangels

Angels are in constant contact with us and all other celestial beings. Work with your guardian angels and archangels to meet your wants and needs. Some of the most common archangels are included below.

  • Michael – Life’s purpose
  • Raphael – Healing and travel protection
  • Gabriel – Communication and creativity
  • Uriel – Emotional distress
  • Jophiel – Reminder of every day beauty
  • Chamuel – Romantic relationships

Healing from Heartbreak

It can be hard to describe the pain of being separated from a lover, but your angel can help. While your guardian angel cannot change your emotional experience, they can help you heal. This can be comfort when you are feeling sad and alone and remind you of your deep worth.

You can work with your angel daily using these tips. They are there for love, support, and comfort, no matter your current situation. They want to be closer to you.

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