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7 Things That Can Make Your Life Happier

Staggering changes happened in my own particular life when I changed my state of mind. It is my pleasure to share the endowment of positive change with my customers and you, my readers.change 2

  1. Assess all Views and Beliefs
    For me, one of the most powerful catalysts for positive change was deciding to actively evaluate all thoughts and beliefs. I found that many of them weren’t even mine, and that if they were mine, they were outdated and didn’t serve me anymore. Suddenly, inherited fears, insecurities and other limiting beliefs lost their power over me. I was able to see new possibilities and opportunities that I was blind to before because of my self-imposed “reality.”
  2. Promise to Love Your Life
    Happiness is not a future reward, yet we get so bogged down with what we think we should do to achieve it down the road. The irony is that if we allow ourselves to be happy now, fulfillment comes so much quicker. Learn to recognize opportunities and enjoy the journey. It comes down to being kind and loving who you are every day.
  3. Keep an Appreciative Memoirs
    change 1Every morning, write down five things you’re grateful for. That will keep you focused on the positive. I do this every day and it keeps me looking for the good in life. I also take the time to appreciate my natural surroundings. Meditation and alone time are things I’m also grateful for.
  4. Allow Negative Thoughts and Feelings to Run Their Course
    When faced with a negative situation, the first thing I do is take a deep breath and acknowledge whatever thoughts and emotions bubble up—even if they are negative. Don’t block or correct your negative thoughts. Let them run their course. A sense of humor also helps to relieve heavy thoughts and emotions. And be patient with yourself. Not all negative thoughts and feelings lift immediately. It’s just a moment in time and better moments will come soon.
  5. Give Yourself 15 Minutes a Day to Do Something You Enjoy
    To keep a positive outlook, spend just a bit of time a day doing something you love. Do whatever nourishes you and fills you up with goodness. You may want to consider spending time on a long-term personal project. Moving forward and making progress will make you feel positive.
  6. Keep a Validation Journal
    change 3Whenever you do something you feel really good about, keep track of it! This is evidence that you are making positive changes and it will keep your spirits up. Whether it’s making better food choices, getting more exercise, or cutting back on bad habits, every instance of positive change is a personal success you’ll want to look back on in more challenging times.
  7. Get Yourself Something Nice
    You love yourself and you deserve a treat every now and then. Whether it’s taking the time to have a long lunch with a good friend, buying a big bouquet flowers to decorate your desk, or indulging in a piece of fine chocolate, be sure to take the time to make yourself feel special.

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