Angel Types Explained

Angel Types Explained

Angel Types ExplainedThough we speak directly to God through prayer, He uses angels to serve distinct duties around our lives. There are nine specific angels grouped into three choirs. They are individuals, though the hierarchy may be different for each. Angels have the ability to see well beyond our mortal, linear timelines. They are patient and forgiving beings that are aware of our goals and are wishing to assist us.

The first choir represents itself through light wavelengths, sound, and force fields that will never interfere with our free will. They send devotional love into the universe through these vibrations.

Each of the nine angel types will be shared below:


Seraphim are one of the more commonly known angels as they are closest to God. They emit a fiery, intense light to represent His love as they encircle the throne. No one, not even divine beings can look upon the seraphim as they are fiery serpents with four faces and six wings each. While only four seraphim exist, they do visit earth in tall, thin, very cleanly cut human forms.

Cherubim (Cherub)

Cherubim are the official, celestial record keepers who also hold God’s knowledge. They are often sent to earth to perform great tasks that can affect our lives. A cherubim has historically been drawn as sphinx like with human faces and wings. Zophiel, Ophaniel, and Rikbiel are cherubim, as was Satan before the fall.


Thrones are weird, yet fascinating as part of the first grouping. They are said to resemble large wheels that are covered in eyes and serve as part of God’s chariot. Thrones dispense judgement as given out by God.

The angels included in the second choir are transitional between the world and the celestial realms. Known as heavenly governors, they try to balance out good and bad. The middle angels are considered virtuous and includes the guardian angels and archangels.


These middle management angels take orders from seraphim and cherubim who are above them, but give orders to those below them. Hashmal is in charge and sends power to authority figures on earth to keep the cosmos in order.


Virtues maintain the natural world as sparks of light. Inspiring beings, they help in areas of science as they take orders from the angels above them. When they allow themselves to be known on earth in physical form, it is as scientists in physics and love, artists, and healers. When Jesus ascended, virtues were said to be the angels that were seen.


Bright, hazy fumes make up the look of powers. They are the guards or patrol agents between heaven and earth. Serving as advisers for ideology, theology, and religion, some feel these angels are evil, but others say they preside over the evil ones. In any case, they are in charge of birth and death.

The final choir is possibly the best known because they are more human like than any of the others. The have the ability and propensity to sin, just as we do.


Shaped like light rays, these overseers guide the world. In charge of politics and religion they further manage those angels who are below them as part of their expectation.


Archangels tend to focus on matters of all humankind, not individuals. While they are guardians of people and physical things, they are the first that took human form. They are often pioneers of change in this world. They are well known by their names, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel.


Angels serve as intermediaries between individuals and God as they are specific to households and even individuals who are God fearing. Angels are nurturers who counsel and heal. Guardian angels are given to each of us.