Drawing of the Aura

Drawing of the Aura

Drawing of the AuraPeople can-do long-distance aura drawings by using pictures that are digital.  The pictures can be in front of them and they can tell what is happening in the picture in someone’s aura based on the colors that they see.  Some psychics can see the aura in reverse and if a person wants to have a long-distance reading, all they have to do is take a picture in a mirror so that the psychic can do a reading for them.

If the psychic can draw it out and clear their mind, they can feel the energy.  The colors will appear in their mind and in their mind’s eye or the “Third Eye.”  Each color has a different kind of meaning.

The psychic should note how each color feels and describe the emotions in the energy.  Some energy is harder to explain than others and emotional energy can be easier especially if the psychic is empathic.  When someone is in pain, this is harder to do a reading on.

Concentrating on the aura can help with the reading and a good psychic should try to find objects that shows the energy or blockages that are there.  Once all areas are covered, the messages and spirits should relate different colors.

Auras are white on the outside because they are protected, and the shell doesn’t allow energy to pass back and forth.  This protects energy that is not good for the person.  When a friend prays for us, we can get energy from the universe to help us.

When there is a silver lining under the white shell, this means that it is the persons strength and knowledge.  The white color that surrounds the colors is an energy of healing that is strong and can be in different shapes and sizes.  This can be used to heal people all over and can be increased by meditating.  The universe can help us when this energy is low.

The lavender color can flow from the chin to the leg and shows growth.  This is an enlighten color and has a low sound vibration when it is felt.  This is not a strong sound and does not take control of the feelings.

The blue color from the aura can flow from the feet and can give the person purpose.  This is a feeling and shows when the person is doing the right things.

The yellow color can go down the right arm and can show that the person is a good listener.  A person that has yellow keeps their promises and shares with other messages that help them.


There can also be hazes around the aura and the one right above the aura can be a burden and can be there when work is hard or when someone is feeding on your energy.

The one around the head shows headaches and pressure and can happen when energy is full of pain.

One that is found between the orange and red chakras is when there is an issue in the body such as with digestion or with the blood.

The one over the right arm from the elbow to the wrist is where pain comes.

The one above the foot can look like smoke and can show what is happening in the life of the person.  This can be someone the is looking for change to happen.

If there is a gray area, then It is important to clean the aura and to use crystals to sweep it clean and to fix the energy.  Try meditating and getting rid of these hazy items.


If there is an orb around the aura, this shows that the spirit is being protected by another spirit.  They work to take care of you.

A crescent above someone’s head shows that they are connected to the universe and getting good energy.

A tree that is found on the upper side of the aura can mean strength and that there is a guardian around you.  This means you will have a beautiful life and that you are living in a plane that wants you to get out and be one with nature.


The aura needs to be healthy and have no blockages.  Even if there are hazy areas, this does not mean that this is not manageable.  A person can manage their aura and fix it by changing their environment and what they are putting in their body.  Make sure you are eating healthy and taking the right medication.  Information in your aura can be important and can make a huge difference in your life, make sure your aura has good energy.