Test Your Lover’s Loyalty


    Does your intuition working for you or paranoia is getting the best of you? If you have been questioning the loyalty of your partner and it has been on your mind for quite some time, it might be a good idea to ask yourself the following questions to distinguish whether they are in fact being loyal to you. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in suspicions and mind games, so it’s important to be mature and to give your partner the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

If it’s bothering you so much to the point of being physically sick or overly stressed, then you must talk to your partner about your concerns right away. Otherwise, consider these signs on how to know if your partner is being loyal to you.

You Know Their Friends

If you have met your significant other’s closest friends, then they are being loyal to you. Most people that cheat will not allow their significant other be around their best friends that also know of the other girl or guy they have been fooling around with. It’s just too risky, as something might slip out. If he or she invites you along with their buddies or gal pals, they aren’t hiding anything.

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

If your partner is home when they say they will be and doesn’t disappear without notice, then they are most likely being faithful to you. A loyal partner wants to be around you when they have time off work or school. If your partner lives with you they will always let you know where they will be if not with you. It is common courtesy to let your live-in partner know when you’ll be home late. If they are coming home late more and more often, you might want to ask them why, as this can be the red flag of a cheater.

They Hand Over Their Technical Gadgets

If your partner is loyal to you they won’t be afraid to show you their phone, laptop, tablet or any other technical gadgets that holds images, video or contacts. An honest person has nothing to hide and will wholeheartedly hand over their devices without worry or putting up a fight.

Investments Speak a Thousand Words

If your partner is prepared to invest in something with you such as a new home or furniture, they are most likely being loyal to you. A person that doesn’t have you in mind for their future is not going to make any serious investments with you, as they will only lose out.

If Effort is Involved, So Are They

If your partner spends their every waking hour showing that they care for you, they probably won’t have the energy or time to cheat on you. A person who is really in love and cares only for their partner will do just that, every day of every week. If your partner shows how much they care, both by physical and communicative expression, you don’t have to worry.

Active Listening Offers Proof

If your partner listens to you and actively engages with you on a consistent basis, he or she is most likely loyal to you. Cheaters are self-absorbed and just plain selfish individuals that don’t honestly want to hear about your day or problems at work. If your partner actively listens to you, they are being loyal to you.

If you doubt your partner’s intentions towards you, it is best to take the time to sit down and confront the issue directly. There is no reason why you should regularly doubt your partner, or feel insecure in your relationship. A strong committed relationship involves constant love, dedication, honesty and reassurance.