Abundance in Life

Abundance in Life

When the economy seems broken and inflation is raising, making it hard to be able to make purchases, it is easy to wish that there was a way to magically call in money.

Do not let the problems of the world upset you and if you have to pay for things such as student loan debt and you feel like you need a little extra money to save, you need to know that you have the abilities inside of you to call money to yourself.

There are mantras that you can say in order to bring extra money into your life.

What is a Mantra?

A mantra means man and tray from Sanskrit and it is the mind and the body, and it is a tool that you can use in your mind so that you can control your thoughts.

People use mantras and meditation to concentrate more on the spirit world and some people say “om” over and over again so that they can work.

How Do They Work?

Mantras can work by allowing you to focus your mind and to gather information quickly. A mantra never stays on one thing and it can help you to focus better.

You can also use a mantra as a law of attraction and you can use the energy that you want to have with the mantra so that you can have power in what you are speaking. This will allow you to connect with the spiritual world.


If you chant mantras that are about prosperity or mantras about abundance, you will attract money to you. You will only be able to really use a mantra when you know what you should say and when you practice this over and over again. Practicing a mantra should be something that you do each day for a few minutes and break it down into different sessions.

Here are some mantras you can use:

  • Each day I will make more and more money.
  • I will have the money that I need and the money that I want.
  • I am bringing money to me.
  • I do not owe my money to other people.
  • I will find ways to make more money.
  • I deserve to have more money in my life.

These are some mantras that are easy to use and can help to bring in the wealth.

Om Shree Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

This mantra should be used when you want to reach the Goddess Lakshmi who controls the money. Talking to her can bring you wealth.

On Vu Su Dha Rei Swa Ha

Another Buddha mantra is the Om Vasudhare Svaha. This can be said 108 times but listening to it this many times can be equally beneficial. If you feel that you cannot sing it, listen to it.

You can also use things like fish knots, silver, Feng Shui, Koi Fish, and other type of money jewelry to wear when you are saying the mantras so that you can bring forth positive energy in your meditation.