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How Can We Introduce Sprituality To Someone?

           A lot of people enter a world of spirituality from the very moment that they’re born into this world. This may be because their families are already religious, have strong beliefs or may already have strong ties to the spiritual world. If someone you love and care about is curious about spirituality and everything it entails, then there is a way to introduce them to this diverse world without overwhelming them with too much information at one time. Depending on the type of spiritual realms and area they are interested in, there are a variety of ways to introduce someone to spirituality without overwhelming them.

New Age Shops

If your loved one is interested in finding out more about angels, spirits, karma, the afterlife and dream interpretation, stop by a New Age Shop and allow them to browse around. Many people do not know that many of these stores exist in most large cities. Numerous people find that once they enter one of these shops, they don’t leave until hours later, so be prepared to spend some time if your loved one takes a great interest.

Visit Religious Venues

If church and religion is on the mind of your loved one, take them to a few different kind of churches, temples or religious establishments. If they are searching for more understanding, acceptance and a higher power, allow them to get to know each form of religion and make their choice from there.

Watch Movies That Encourage Spirituality

Whether your friend or family member has a new interest in the power of nature and spiritual forces, karma, or if they are drawn to Buddhist practices and the idea of spiritual enlightenment, introduce them to some spiritual movies. Spiritual movies have a great way of inspiring us to try harder, be better individuals and help us to believe that there is a force more powerful than ourselves out there. Movies such as The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Peaceful Warrior, Conversations with God, What Dreams May Come, Pay It Forward, The Celestine Prophecy and even the popular movie The Secret can give someone many things to think about and consider when it comes to spirituality.

Take Them To A Meditation Class

If you want to start out slow, it might be best to take your friend or family member to a meditation class of some sort. Find a class where they light candles, play soft music or soothing guidance tapes and completely relax. If you can do it at home with them, it is even better as it offers even fewer distractions.

One of the first steps to becoming spiritual is to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Most people choose to enter the spiritual world of understanding when they are searching for answers to their own lives, or the meaning of life in general. Avoid overwhelming them and do not push any of your own spiritual practices onto them. Allow them to journey through the spiritual world at their own pace and choose the practices that best suit their unique and individual lifestyle.

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