Deepening Meditation

Deepening Meditation

Deepening MeditationThere are no rules when it comes to meditation and there are different benefits of meditating and how it can help you.  No mediation can be good or bad, its just meditation.  Exercising is good and meditation is good but there is a better way to do it so it can strengthen you and help you.

If you are meditating though, it is not bad and it doesn’t mean that you are doing it right, but it is never bad.  There is a practice that can help you to do it properly.  If you have set side apart from your day to meditate then chances are that you know the basics.

If you are a beginner in meditating then you should keep working until you build a solid foundation and deepen how you practice this mediation to help you advance.

Ruining Your Meditation

You can ruin your mediation if you do no have the right practice, if you do not have a good attitude and if you choose not to focus while you meditate.

You need to practice so you can get good out of it and you need to work hard and focus in order to make it work properly.


The reason that some mediation is not deep is because people are not intense enough and they become lazy.  The mind is knowing and doing, and mediation is good because it can calm the doing down and give you rest.  If you mediate for 10 minutes then you will either meditate with good focus, you will be distracted or you will try to stay focused even if you have a hard time.

When your meditation gets deeper, you will hear less noise and you will be able to relax better and stay calm.  When you are a beginner, you will need to take time to allow yourself to understand how to relax and be still.

As you keep practicing, you will get better and calmer.  You need to try to learn how to be less distracted and have pure moments of concentration.

If your meditation does not have a lot of concentration then it is okay, but it is a building block.

The building blocks bring about purity, balance, serenity, awareness and more.  You need to have a good attitude and try to stay focused after each time you start meditating.  If you mess up it is okay, you just need to keep trying.  You will eventually progress in this.

As time goes by, you will have more intensity and you will learn to focus more on your breathing.  You will breathe deeper and you will want to have better experiences and higher levels.

Keeping the interest alive is the hardest part and the more interested you are, the better your meditation will be and the deeper it will go.

There are different types of meditation and different ways that you can stay focused during meditating.  One way to stay focused is to pretend you are walking on a rope and you need to concentrate so you do not fall.  If you could see yourself doing this then you can concentrate.

Make sure you focus on your breath each second and if something exciting happens then you will not miss it.  This can be deep and amazing.


If you want to know how intense meditating can be, you will understand how far you can go.  It is important to keep pushing the boundaries so that you can get to the ultimate experience.

Never feel bad about how you meditate or what you do.  Doing this will make you feel bad about yourself and that is wrong and not what meditation is.  Focus on loving and kindness and less criticizing.  There is more power in meditating and doing posture than just sitting there, pay attention to what you are doing.


When you do not understand meditation, you need to keep practicing so you can experience different things.

There are different levels of consciousness and being quiet gets more attention than being loud and noisy.  Sometimes you have to have absent thinking and you need to feel peace.

When you get into an effortless state of meditation then you will not remember things and you will be in a more advanced state of meditation and this is a good thing.  If you want inner calm and less stress, you will be happy with a deeper state of meditation.

If you are looking to transform yourself then you will want to go even deeper than that.  The advanced stages help you to be able to concentrate and know what you are doing.  There is no mediator and no object that you have to concentrate on, you will be directed to your meditation quickly when you reach these high states.


You need to work to meditate for a minute more than you wanted to.  It could be that last minute where you reach your breakthrough.  This can help you to reach the point in your life that you want to reach and can make you an advanced meditator.