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Do You Have An Angel Or A Spirit Guide?

There has been dozens of questions about angelic and spirit connections that we answered over the years but this is one of the most confusing… Why is that? because angels and guides play similar roles in our lives, the rules for connecting and the reasons for working with either or both groups are basically the same. Still, there is a difference…

Angels are essentially messengers, conduits between us and our Source. Angels may have manifested here on planet earth, but always as angels, never as humans… Many Spirit Guides have lived here on planet earth as humans… some are ancients, carrying the wisdom of the ages, making it accessible at various times in our evolution as a species, as we have needed it, and been able to receive it… some guides are healers, intent on helping us relieve our pain and clear the fears that get in our way in life, some guides are entities from other dimensions who have chosen to participate in the transformation of planet earth… perhaps they are the representatives of our future selves. Or our Higher Selves.

There are countless different kinds of angels and guides at work with us at any moment. So, how do you know whether you’re connecting with an angel, a guide or your Higher Self? While this site will help you understand the differences, at the end of the day, I don’t think it matters… I don’t know about you, but I’m open to loving support from any direction….. while I find it useful to get a name, and to understand the purpose in a particular guide or angel’s presence in my life, this is just so I can more easily tune into their vibration and recognize them in the future… Most often I really don’t know who or how exactly they have intervened, I simply see a prayer answered.

The angels and guides around me, my family, friends and Global Psychics have answered so many of my prayers, in so many astounding, at times, miraculous, ways that we knew it was important – and so very worthwhile – for you to make your own connections. So, in addition to some inspiring messages from the angels, you’ll find lots of information in these pages on working with your angels, contacting your guides, and channeling.

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