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Don’t Settle for a Fake Relationship

Don’t Settle for a Fake RelationshipA fake relationship is one of the hardest types of relationships for people to handle because it is not a real relationship.  As a matter of fact, this type of relationship lasts a few months but the person that you are will never will commit and will string you along by sending you mixed signals.  It is hard to decide if they like you or if they are just there for a time, waiting to move on.  The painful truth is that he is not really into you and these types of relationships are not worth your time.

Weird Breakup

Relationships like this, where we think they are serious, normally end with a weird breakup.  When you come to the conclusion that they are done with you, you will feel awkward when the breakup comes.  It might come during a concert or while you are at the movies, or they might break up with you while you are out with a group of friends.  This type of relationship will have a strange ending.


When your friends see you and your partner out, they know that it is not going to work out, but they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  They will tip toe around you and try to be supportive of your feelings, when truth is, they want to tell you to move on.  Your friends will try to not say much because they don’t want to upset you, but deep down inside, they know that this relationship is a mistake.


When you are in these types of relationship, you might feel that nothing ever seems right.  You might believe that you are the problem.  You may see patterns of hanging out for months at a time and then they might disappear for a period of time.  All of this can cause emotional stress, but the truth is, this relationship is not a real relationship and you need to move on as soon as you can.


Do you feel that you have high standards but then all of a sudden, you are putting your standards on stand still?  Do you expect to be called or texted once in a while, but you find that they are never intentional with you?  Is your self-esteem diminishing because you never feel loved?  This kind of relationship is horrible to stay in and you will see that they are not meant for you.  Never lower your standards for others.


When you love music, it can be something sacred to you.  When you get into a relationship with a guy that is not worthy to have your heart, you might find that he will ruin your love of music.  Each time you hang out, you might see that he is losing interest in you and each time you hear a song that you two have listened to, this might ruin your music choices.

Love Yourself

If you are in a relationship and they make you feel that you aren’t good enough, run away a fast as you can.  Don’t let someone ruin you just because they can’t see how great you are.  No man or woman is worth losing your self-esteem over and no man or woman is worth forgetting yourself.


When you are dating someone and the relationship seems like fake news, run away as fast as you can before you get into a dating slump.  Don’t date someone unless they can see the worth in you and your music!

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