Grounding Yourself, Having Hope as a Psychic

Grounding Yourself

Being a medium means that you have a spiritual gift. It means that you are able to make a spiritual connection to the other side. If you want to connect with your loved ones or the spirit guides, seeing a medium can help you to do that.

If you have been given the gift of mediumship, you need to make sure that your mind, body, and soul are cared for and that you are living a healthy and positive life. This is a gift that you will have that will not just help yourself but will help others along the way. You will make a huge difference in the lives of those around you.

Connecting to the other side is not always easy and if you are a medium, you know that you have to ground yourself before you try to reach the other side. Sometimes people will connect with themselves and will reach their astral realm.

A medium is on a different vibrational frequency than other people and they have to increase this frequency if they want to connect with the spirit world. Spirits are different than humans and they have a much higher vibrational frequency.

When a medium wants to increase their frequency, they can do this just by doing a simple reading or by doing an oracle or a tarot reading.

When a medium ground their energy, they might do different things such as:

  • Sage their home
  • Use crystals that are protective and grounding crystals such as onyx or selenite
  • Create other energies
  • Light candles
  • Meditate
  • Use white light

Mediums will do these different things to open up their chakras or to increase and ground their energies.

Body, Mind and Soul

A medium has to keep their mind and their body working correctly. They have to always pay attention to the energy that they bring in rather it is negative or positive.

A medium has to be careful when picking up energy because this can affect the spirits that the medium channels and it can cause physical manifestations to stop and cause stress to the medium.

If a medium becomes overstressed or ungrounded, they can feel sick or they can have issues sleeping.

When you are a medium and you release your energy, you can see that you can meditate easier and that you can do different exercises to be stronger. If you want to recharge your energy, ground your chakras and be stronger, you can do deep breathing exercises and you can go out and walk in nature. You can even take a salt bath and use essential oils for extra help.

Eating a healthy diet when channeling will help you to be stronger. Avoid unhealthy food and drink lots of water.

Physical Space

When you are going to do a reading, make sure that you ground your area by using sage or by burning incense. You can light a candle and say a peaceful mantra when you start.

You can use crystals that are charged by the moon, or the sun and they can help you to be strong in your spirit.


Make sure you keep your spirt peaceful and that you have outlets when things are hard. You can use reiki or get massages to help you relax and have a strong spirit.

Do different meditations, take up yoga or go out on nature retreats to recharge your spirit. Your spirit is there to serve yourself and other people.

Mediums ground themselves differently and if you are a medium and you want to connect with the spirit world, make sure that you stay grounded and strong and that you put self-care in your everyday routine.

Connecting with the spiritual world is never boring.